Annual Meeting 2018

Welcome to NanoLund’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, 4 October, 2018 at Stora Salen, AF-borgen, Sandgatan 3, Lund. The meeting will last a full day and conclude with a dinner at Lilla salen at AF-borgen.

This year, the oral presentations, both from NanoLund scientists and from external speakers, will focus on Opportunities offered to NanoLund by MAX IV, ESS and Science Village. Talks will include a keynote by our new Scientific Advisory Board member Chi-Chang Kao from Stanford and SLAC, several invited talks by NanoLund scientists on a wide range of projects that use neutrons and synchrotron radiation – from nanowire materials science to device physics and nanobiology -, as well as an exciting session where experienced scientists with a range of backgrounds will share their visions for how NanoLund might develop in Science Village.  And of course we will end with a dinner with prize awards. Don’t miss it!


At the Annual Meeting we will have a photographer present and we hope that you will put on your best smile for the photos and help NanoLund promote our activities. For those not in the mood, we will provide a photo- and film-free zone where you can sit if you do not want your picture taken.

The legal stuff about photographing/filming at events:

Photos and videos of LU employees at work do not require consent – part of our job is to inform others of our activities. The same applies to pictures taken of participants at social and open events hosted by Lund University, as long as the purpose for publishing them is to disseminate information about our activities. This legal basis is known as Information of public interest.

In some cases, written consent of persons appearing on photos and in videos is required. For example, when the person is interchangeable and not the subject of our story, known as genre images. In such cases, the legal basis is known as Consent, requiring us to obtain written approval to be allowed to store or publish the data. If a photo of an employee is used in a genre context, consent is also required.

In order to use the pictures taken at the Annual Meeting also as genre images we will ask you for concent at the annual meeting. We hope that you will help us with this by either signing a concent form (can be viewed on the right) or placing yourself in the photo-free zone.

We hope to see all of you in October!

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Deadline for registration: September 16, 2018

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