Bias affects nanowire photodetector studies

In a February 2017 paper in Nanotechnology NanoLund researchers reports the results of simulations and experiments investigating the effect of the nanowire doping profile on photodetection characteristics in InP nanowire array photodetectors, emphasizing the role of bias dependence.

The study was done by V Jain, M Heurlin, M Karimi, L Hussain, M Aghaeipour, A Nowzari, A Berg, G Nylund, F Capasso, L Samuelson, MT Borgström and H Pettersson.

Read more on (in English) or read the original article "Bias-dependent spectral tuning in InP nanowire-based photodetectors" in Nanotechnology:

The study also generated the front cover of the issue of Nanotechnology where it was published: