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Claes Thelander

Position:    Associate Professor (Universitetslektor, Docent)

Phone:    +46 (0)46 2227740
Cell phone:   
Room:    Q211
Address:    Box 118
22100 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Materials Science
Quantum Physics
Nanoelectronics- & photonics
Interests:    Device and transport physics of semiconductor heterostructures in nanowires


Co-coordinator of the research area Nanoelectronics & Nanophotonics within NanoLund


Processing and Device Technology (Process- och komponentteknologi) FFF110/FYSD13. The course is given in the beginning of the fall (LP1, 7.5 HP). A link to the course homepage is found in the menu to the right.


I am primarily studying transport in semiconductor nanowires of different materials such as InAs, InSb, GaSb, InP and their alloys. My current main research area is transport studies of Type II - broken gap GaSb-InAs junctions with a coaxial geometry, focusing on electron-hole interactions. I am also involved in research on low-power transistors based on InAs and InAs-GaSb nanowires.
During 2005-2009 I administrated and co-managed the EU project "NODE" (Nanowire-based One-Dimensional Electronics), which had 12 partners in Europe. In that project I was responsible for research on InAs nanowire low-power MOSFETs.
I also develop software that we use in the processing and characterization of nano-scale materials. An example is a program for semi-automatic design of electrode patterns accurately aligned to nanoscale objects, such as nanowires - click on the tab "Automatic Electrodes" to the right for more info.

Recent publications:

"Electron-hole interactions in coupled InAs-GaSb quantum dots based on nanowire crystal phase templates"
Phys. Rev. B. 94, 115313 (2016)

"Single-electron transport in InAs nanowire quantum dots formed by crystal phase engineering" 
Phys. Rev. B. 93, 195422, 2016

"Transport studies of electron-hole and spin-orbit interaction in GaSb/InAsSb core-shell nanowire quantum dots"
Phys. Rev. B 91, 161301(R) 2015

"Selective GaSb radial growth on crystal phase engineered InAs nanowires"
Nanoscale 7, 10472-10481, 2015

"Characterization of Ambipolar GaSb/InAs Core–Shell Nanowires by Thermovoltage Measurements"
ACS Nano, Article ASAP, 2015

"Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy on InAs–GaSb Esaki Diode Nanowire Devices during Operation"
Nano Lett.15 (6), pp 3684–3691, 2015

"Sn-Seeded GaAs Nanowires as Self-Assembled Radial p–n Junctions"
Nano Lett., 15 (6), pp 3757–3762, 2015


Information on publications:

To find a list of published journal papers that I have authored or coauthored please visist my "Researcher ID" web page:

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