Cover of Nature Nanotechnology

The front cover of the October issue of Nature Nanotechnology is decorated by an illustration from an article by NanoLund researchers who experimentally demonstrated a nanoscale heat engine in which only electrons at a specific energy flow between the reservoirs generating an electric current. The image on the cover is an artist’s impression of the nanoengine with the hot and cold reservoirs coloured in red and blue respectively.

Read the full article "A quantum-dot heat engine operating close to the thermodynamic efficiency limits" (DOI: 10.1038/s41565-018-0200-5) by M Josefsson, A Svilans, AM Burke, EA Hoffmann, S Fahlvik, C Thelander, M Leijnse & H Linke.

The heat engine has also been featured in an article and a radio program by Swedish Radio (Vetenskapsradion, both in Swedish), and in a press release from Lund University (in Swedish).