Video presentations

Video presentations from the annual meeting 2014: Lund nanoscience and its potential applications

Professor Kristina Jakobsson - Nanosafety: Mission im/possible? (12:30)
Professor Jonas Tegenfeldt - DNA in nanochannels (13:47)
Dr. Mercy Lard - Nanostructures interfacing with molecular motors (9:29)
  Professor Jens Schouenborg - Nanostructured electrodes for the brain
Associate professor Martin Magnusson - Aerotaxy: mass production of nanowires (14:16)
PhD student Masoomeh Ghasemi - Thermodynamic modeling of the nanowire growth (11:09)
Professor Peter Schurtenberger - Probing soft nanomaterials with neutrons (13:14)
Dr. Sarah McKibbin - Studying nanowires with synchrotron light (13:53)
Associate professor Elisabeth Nilsson - The Integrating Engineer - Interdisciplinarity and Awareness (17:10)
Professor Heiner Linke - Electricity from heat: nanowires for effective thermoelectrics (13:45)
Associate professor Magnus Borgström - Nanowires with promise for photovoltaics (14:29)
Dr. Niklas Anttu - Do nanowires cast shadows? The need for optics modeling (10:48)
Professor Lars Samuelson - Light emitting diodes - from Macro to Nano (17:58)



Film in English

It's a matter of size

Nanoscience at Lund University (3 min and 1 min)

Aerosol research (2 min and 1½ min)

Heiner Linke at TEDxLund

Lars Samuelson at TEDxLundUniversity

Jonas Tegenfeldt on diagnosing sleeping sickness

Presentations in Swedish

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