PhD level

PhD studies (also known as third cycle programmes) in Sweden are stipulated to take 4 years of full time studies. Additional time is usually added for teaching.

NanoLund is Sweden’s largest research environment for interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology, engaging more than 90 PhD students in sciences ranging from engineering to natural sciences and medicine. PhD students constitute roughly 1/3 of the staff engaged in NanoLund and are an important and integrated part of the research conducted. 

Research schools

All PhD students in NanoLund are invited to become members of the Linnaeus graduate school, which offers courses in a broad range of skills, financial support for summer schools and research visits, as well as support for other activities suggested by the students.

Furthermore, the research schools Metalund and ADMIRE are open to interested students.

Metalund's goal is to foster a new generation of researchers with an interdisciplinary training in the field of work, environment and health.

ADMIRE is a cross-scientific graduate school focused on microscopy and micro imaging.


During 2014 – 2018, NanoLund hosts the EU project ”Nanoscale Materials for Energy: Fundamentals, Safety and Applications (PhD4Energy)”, that trains in total 12 PhD students. The scientific focus is the material science, growth and application of semiconductor nanowires for photovoltaics, light-emitting diodes and thermoelectrics, safety investigations of nanoparticles, and energy conversion at the molecular scale.

All PhD students within PhD4Energy will perform an internship at a Swedish or international company or at a major research facility as part of their training.

Available PhD positions

Please turn to Opportunities for more information on current available PhD positions within NanoLund.

Other available PhD students positions at Lund University are announced in English here.

Resource page run by NanoLund PhD students

The NanoLund PhD student resource page has collected information of specific interest to NanoLund PhD students. The page is run by NanoLund PhD students and questions about the page should be directed to Frida Lindberg.


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