Workshops and Seminars

Our Nanoscience Colloquia are given by invited researchers that are specialists in their field. The colloquia provide our PhD students and senior scientists with new knowledge on state-of-the-art research and enable research interactions with high profiled researchers outside NanoLund.

Nanoscience Colloquia are organized by Martin Stankovski for the 2017-2018 season.


The seminar series Nanoscience for Dummies provides introductions to various areas of nanoscience on a general level to other scientists within NanoLund in order to facilitate communication across disciplines. The seminars are open to everyone interested, including undergraduate students within nanoscience and nanotechnologyThe talks are excellent opportunities to learn more about nanoscience outside of a specific area of expertise and to network within NanoLund.

Nanoscience for Dummies is organized by NanoLund's Nanoeducation coordinators Martin Leijnse and Dan Hessman.