Reserve the dates: June 7-10 2015 in Lund, Sweden

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists and engineers to discuss the latest trends in MOVPE. The workshop will consist of eight invited plenary talks and contributed poster presentations. All aspects of MOVPE are of relevance, with a special emphasis on the science of MOVPE. Following the tradition, we plan to organize three short courses on Sunday, June 7. There will be a commercial exhibition which will feature international exhibitors from several sectors of materials science and engineering. All interested companies are welcome to contact the workshop organizers.

Registration for EWMOVPE is open.



Satellite seminar Monday evening June 8th:

LayTec's 20th In-situ Seminar

In situ interested people and LayTec users are welcomed for a get-together to share ideas and experience and to find out what is new at LayTec. Dr. Martin Zorn (JENOPTIK Diode Lab GmbH) will talk about “Fast and highly accurate in-situ calibration of AlGaAs ternary composition for MOVPE-based growth of edge-emitting diode lasers” And Dr. Sami Suihkonen (Aalto University) will present “The effect of bow and wrap of a 6” Si substrate on the growth and GaN film quality using EpiCurve® TT”.

Links to registration, agenda and invitation.



Satellite seminar June 10-11:

PANalytical III-V Seminar - Hands-on Software and Q&A

PANalytical would like to offer you a refresher on the analysis of III-V semiconductor structures by X-ray scattering methods. You are welcome to participate in the satellite seminar subsequent to EWMOVPE from June 10th to 11th 2015 at the University of Lund.

  • Data analysis using PANalytical Epitaxy and Reflectivity software
  • Best practice for alignment and measurement of X-ray diffraction and reflectometry from epitaxial thin films
  • Possible upgrades for new experimental challenges

Course schedule:
Wednesday June 10th: 3pm-6pm
Thursday June 11th: 9am-3pm (contains lunchbreak)

Register for PANAlytical seminar here

Lund June 7-10 2015


Picture by Louise Larsson

Picture by Louise Larsson