Nano Epitaxy Lab

The epitaxy laboratory includes tools for epitaxial growth of III-Vs (GaAs, InP, antimonides, nitrides, ternary compounds), both nanowires and thin films. The laboratory is used for fundamental research on growth of nanowires for a variety of research projects covering device physics, photo-voltaics and nano-bio applications. A few of the equipment available in the laboratory are listed below:

  • MOVPE Aixtron 200/4 system (Aixtron GmbH, Germany). The tool is used for III-V growth.
  • MOVPE Aixtron CCS (Aixtron GmbH, Germany). The tool is used for III-V growth.
  • MOVPE Thomas Swan CCS (Thomas Swan, UK) is dedicated mostly to growth of epitaxial nitride structures and nanowires for device applications.
  • MOVPE Epiquip (Epiquip AB, Sweden) tool is used for research purposes.
  • Atomic layer deposition (ALD) tools: Savannah 100 and Fiji (Cambridge Nanotech, USA). Both ALD systems are used for layer-by-layer deposition of dielectric layers (HfO2, Al2O3) and for surface functionalization by self-asembled monolayers (SAMs).
  • Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) system Voyager (Raith GmbH, Germany). 50kV high speed EBL mainly used for wafer level exposure.

The laboratory also includes two SEMs: a LEO 1530 and a Hitachi.

MOVPE Thomas Swan CCS tool in the epi-laboratory of LNL (image: I. Maximov).

Electron Beam Lithography Voyager tool installed in the Berzelius cleanroom of LNL (image: I. Maximov).

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