Nano Process Lab

The main purpose of the Nano-process lab which occupies the ground floor of LNL is nano-fabrication and basic characterization of nanostructures. Most of the available process equipment are on this level but some tools (e.g. ICP-RIE, ALD, PECVD) are placed on the second floor. Some of the important processing tools are listed below:

  • Electron beam lithography (EBL) system Raith 150 (Raith GmbH, Germany). The tool allows high-resolution patterning (≈15-20 nm after lift-off) for fabrication of III-V devices and stamps for nanoimprint lithography up to 6" in size.
  • Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) system 6-inch imprinter (Obducat AB, Sweden). Sub-50 nm resolution in pattern transfer on up to 6" wafers with ≈1 µm alignment accuracy possible. Thermal and UV-NIL possible using simultaneous thermal and UV-imprint process (STU).
  • Deep and conventional UV-mask aligners MJB4 DUV (Suss, Germany). Optical lithography with up to 0.5 µm resolution on 4" substrates possible.
  • Thermal and e-beam evaporation systems (AVAC, Pfeiffer). Theese equipment are used to deposit metals for lift-off or other processes.
  • Sputtering system Orion (AJA international, USA). This is a custom-made magnetron-deposition system with RF- and DC-sputtering capabilities. The tool is used to deposit metals or dielectrics for contacts, masks and passivation.

The Nano-process lab includes a number of characterization tools, such as:

Combined focused ion beam and high-resolution (1.1 nm) scanning electron microscope FIB/SEM Nova NanoLab 600 (FEI, Holland). This instrument is one of the most popular equipment together with the EBL machine and is used mostly for quick inspection of nano-structures. The FIB part of the instrument is used for making e.g. TEM lamellas or for a selective deposition of W, Pt or SiOx using ion or electron beams.
Atomic force microscope Dimension 3100 (Digital Instruments, USA). The tool is used for surface characterisation of III-V and other samples.
Three optical microscopes, stylus profiler and other small characterization tools.

Optical lithography and Nanoimprint room ("yellow room") of the Nano-process lab (photo courtesy Nils Bergendal). 

View of the Electron Beam Lithography room with a Raith 150 EBL tool (photo courtesy Nils Bergendal)

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