People and Access

Lund Nano Lab is an open research facility and available to both academic research groups and companies. Access includes both a monthly fee and an hourly fee for machine usage. Details of the fees can be obtained from the Head of Laboratory Luke Hankin.
Ivan Maximov is responsible for the LNL introduction course, which is compulsory for all new lab users. The schedule of LNL introduction course, typically held every month, is available on the home page of the Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS). To gain access to LNL all new users must apply through LIMS.

Lund Nano Lab staff

Luke Hankin, Head of Laboratory
Ivan Maximov, Coordinator of Exploratory Nanotechnology
Peter Blomqvist, research engineer
Mariusz Graczyk, research engineer
Dmitry Suyatin, research engineer
Anders Kvennefors, research engineer
David Fitzgerald, research engineer
Bengt Meuller, research engineer
Håkan Lapovksi, intendent
George Rydnemalm, lab technician
Sara Ataran, lab technician
Sarah McKibbin, research engineer

More information about areas of responsibility of the LNL staff members is available on LIMS home page (click on Tools).

Member of the lab staff Dmitry Suyatin gives a lecture as part of the LNL introduction course (image: I. Maximov).

Member of the lab staff Sara Ataran gives "hands-on" chemical training in the cleanroom (image: I. Maximov).

Site responsible: Ivan Maximov

LNL and Myfab

Since April 2016 LNL has been a member of Myfab - the Swedish research infrastructure for micro- and nanofabrication. Read more about Myfab here