FFFF10/FYSD13 "Processing and Device Technology"

NOTE: I have now stopped updating this page. Please go to the Canvas homepage instead.

Welcome to the first introductory lecture September 3rd 10.15-12.00, in K404 at Fysikum (2019). 

If you are not already registered to the course, please notify me by email if you are interested to participate.

We will have two lectures per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), and one seminar (offered Wednesdays and Thursdays). There will be, in total, four laboratory exercises, where the lab report (one report for all four labs) should be written individually. The course will be given in English.

The course book is Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology, 3rd Edition, by Simon M. Sze, Ming-Kwei Lee (ISBN: 9780470537947) This book can be bought at KFS in Lund (www.kfsab.se) for approximately 700 SEK. This course (FFFF10) will primarily cover the second "technology" half of the book, whereas the course FFF021 (optional 4th year course in the Nanoscience program) will cover the first "physics" half.

I will here post messages, updates to the schedule, password protected pdf-versions of the lectures, lab-documents etc.

The next re-exam (2019) will be on Wednesday August 21st, 8.00-13.00 in H421. Don't forget to pre-register! I will hand out a collection of tables and equations (similar to the document below) that you may use during the exam. You will need to bring ID (passport/Swedish drivers license etc), writing material (pencil/eraser/ruler etc) and a pocket calculator.

Overview Schedule for the Course 2019
Reading instructions 2019 
Seminar problems 2019
Link to a java simulation of the steps involved in FET fabrication

Lecture1 2019
Lecture2 2019 
Lecture3 2019
Lecture4 2019
Lecture5 2019

Lecture6 2019
Lecture7 2019
Lecture8 2019
Lecture9 2018
Lecture10 2018
Lecture11 2018
Lecture 12 2018_v2

Lab manual 2019

Recipes for labs 1-2 2019
Recipes for labs 3-4 2019

Lab supervision 2019 Contact information and supervisor schedule

Exam from 2017
Solutions for 2017 exam (My answers are here a bit "minimalistic" - I recommend to give slightly longer answers.)
Exam and solutions 2018

Self-Study problems 2019 A compilation of some self-study problems in the course. The problems are grouped according to lecture.

Collection of equations and graphs . A document handed out at the exam in the courses previous years as an aid to solve the problems in the exam. The same, or similar document, will be handed out also at the exam this year.

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