Strategic Research Area

The Strategic Research Area (applied for as nmC@LU) today constitutes the main basic support for the NanoLund.

nmC@LU was selected as one of 20 strategic research areas by the Swedish Research Council, FAS (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research), Formas (Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences, and Spatial Planning), VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems), and the Swedish Energy Agency in 2009.

The Government used three criteria in prioritizing the strategic areas:

  • research that, in the long term, has the prerequisites to be of the highest international quality
  • research that can contribute towards fulfilling major needs and solving important problems in society
  • research in areas that have a connection with the Swedish business sector.

The funding supports essentially all joint activities within NanoLund, including the support of research infrastructure and, at any one time, approximately 50 scientific projects.