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NanoLund newsletter April 2016

Nanotechnology for the Future - Drop-in March 7th
As part of Lund University Science Week, NanoLund will host the event Nanotechnology for the Future. This day we will open up the lab and give guided tours, telling the story of the role... Read more »
Bias affects nanowire photodetector studies
In a February 2017 paper in Nanotechnology NanoLund researchers reports the results of simulations and experiments investigating the effect of the nanowire doping profile on photodetection... Read more »
Tönu Pullerits elected to the Academy
At the General Meeting of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on 14 December, Tönu Pullerits was elected foreign member of the Academy's Class for chemistry. More information on the... Read more »
Sol Voltaics wins "Rapidus Company of the Year 2016"
The NanoLund spin out company Sol Voltaics was named "Rapidus Company of the Year" at a ceremony in Malmö on January 24 2017. Organized by Swedish technology and... Read more »
Funding for Hexagem
NanoLund spin out company Hexagem, founded in 2015, has raised 2 MSEK from Almi Invest, Rapidus reports. GaN, which is a high bandgap semiconductor, is the main contender for next-generation... Read more »
Nanowire Week 2017
NANOWIRE WEEK will take place at the end of May 2017 in Lund, Sweden. Nanowire Week is the merger of two long-standing workshops, NANOWIRES and the Nanowire Growth Workshop, and is the foremost... Read more »
First imaging experiment at NanoMAX
NanoMAX is a flagship beamline of MAX IV that will allow experiment using nano-focused hard X-rays to look inside complete NanoLED, photovoltaic structures, during electrical operation or... Read more »
Consolidator grant decision
When the Swedish Research Council announced the granted applications for Consolidator Grant on December 6th, two NanoLund researchers were among the 20 recipients. Kimberly Dick Thelander from... Read more »
Interactive 3D tour of Lund Nano Lab
Lund Nano Lab and NanoLund proudly present the new, interactive 3D tour of Lund Nano Lab. Walk around in the clean room facilities from your desk and get an overview of the tools available and... Read more »
Grants from the Swedish Research Council
The Swedish Research Council announced their decisions on grants within Natural and Engineering Sciences in early November 2016. These highly competitive grants awarded to individual scientists... Read more »
First Scandinavian Raith EBL workshop at Lund University
October 19 - 20, 2016 Raith GmbH, Dortmund, Germany and Lund Nano Lab, NanoLund, Lund University, Sweden, organized a two-day workshop on applications of electron beam lithography (EBL) in... Read more »
KAW project funding announced
October 5th the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation announced funding for 22 Swedish research projects considered to be of the highest international level. NanoLund scientists were very... Read more »
Two NanoLund Summer Schools in 2016
Two NanoLund Summer Schools took place in August and September 2016. The Summer School “Nanoscale Energy Converters” was held from 15-19 August 2016 in Falsterbo. Besides the 32... Read more »
New ProNano Project Manager
Stefan Adolfsson has been named Project Manager for the nanoproduction pilot plant initiative ProNano. He has worked as head of development at Alere in California for the past 13 years. During... Read more »
Funding takes Acconeer closer to market
Lund Nano Lab user Acconeer AB has raised 60 million SEK in equity during the summer, Rapidus reports. About 60% of the money comes from new investors. The new investment is expected to last... Read more »
Young Scientist Prize to Kimberly Dick Thelander
Kimberly Dick Thelander was awarded a Young Scientist Prize in Semiconductor Physics by IUPAP at ICPS2016 on Friday August 5th, 2016. Kimberly also presented a prize lecture on... Read more »
New discoveries about photosynthesis may lead to solar cells of the future
For the first time, researchers from Lund University have successfully measured in detail the flow of solar energy, in and between different parts of a photosynthetic organism. The result is a... Read more »
Anders Mikkelsen named AVS Fellow
Anders Mikkelsen has been elected a fellow of the American Vacuum Society (AVS) the oldest microelectronics processing, materials, technology and interfaces community in the world. The AVS is... Read more »
Best poster award
NanoLund PhD student Damiano Verardo, together with his collaborator Chapin Korosec from Simon Fraser University, won the Biophysical Journal’s award for best poster at the Biophysical... Read more »
Nanoplastics negatively affect aquatic animals
Plastic accounts for nearly eighty per cent of all waste found in our oceans, gradually breaking down into smaller and smaller particles. New research from Lund University investigates how... Read more »

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Licentiate seminar by Vilgaile Dagyte
Tuesday 28 March 2017 10:00 - 11:30
K-space (Q179), Dept. of Physics
Published 2017-03-01 10:22 by Line Lundfald
On Tuesday March 28, 2017, Vilgaile Dagyte...
Read more »