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Nanowire thickness alters GaAs band structure
Physics World reports that Researchers at NanoLund have grown single continuous GaAs nanowires consisting of segments of pure wurtzite and zincblende phases. Using photoluminescence... Read more »
Quantum dot heat engine works without moving parts
A recent article in Nature Nanotechnology by NanoLund researchers show that a quantum dot-based heat engine can convert heat into work with an efficiency similar to that of similar machines with... Read more »
Best poster award to Calle Preger
Calle Preger was awarded with ”Best Poster Award” at the conference Aerosol Technology in Bilbao for his poster “Using COMSOL Multiphysics as a Tool to Predict... Read more »
Mohammad Karimi receives SPIE scholarship
NanoLund PhD student Mohammad Karimi has been selected to receive the SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship for his potential contributions to the field of optics, photonics... Read more »
Workshop on Tailored Surfaces
A Marcus Wallenberg symposium on Tailored surfaces in operando conditions was held in Ystad June 11-14 with 80 participants. A number of international speakers from universities and industry... Read more »
Nanosafety featured by Swedish radio
Swedish Radio has made a feature on nanosafety - Hur farlig är nanotekniken? (in Swedish, 19 min) - involving NanoLund scientists Christina Isaxon, Knut Deppert, Maria Hedmer... Read more »
Pyry Kivisaari wins Academy Postdoc funding
We congratulate our alumni Pyry Kivisaari on winning the highly prestigious Academy Postdoc funding from the Academy of Finland.  Pyry was at NanoLund during 2014-2017 as a postdoc, working... Read more »
Martin Hjort is one of the 2017 Cozzarelli Prize Recipients
NanoLund scientist Martin Hjort is one of the 2017 Cozzarelli Prize Recipients in the category Engineering and Applied Sciences. The annual award acknowledges papers that reflect scientific... Read more »
Anne L'Huillier joins the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
We congratulate Anne L'Huillier for beeing elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. Members are elected to the NAS in recognition of their distinguished and... Read more »
When semiconductors meets insulating layers
Understanding interface formation between InAs semiconductors and hafnium dioxide insulating layers Most semiconductor devices are still based on silicon, even though other semiconductor... Read more »
Live monitoring of nanowiregrowth
The new Environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM) was inagurated April 12 with a full day symposium. The microscope will be used firstly by researchers enabling nanowire growth... Read more »
New board members at SwedNanoTech
SwedNanoTech reports that six new board members entered the Board at the Annual Meeting on April 4, 2018. New to the board is NanoLund member and founder Lars Samuelson. Lars... Read more »
Donation for equipment for LED research
We are very happy to announce that the foundation LMK Stiftelsen has decided to support NanoLund with a donation of 5 MSEK for equipment for fabrication and characterisation of nanostructures.... Read more »
Visit from the Crafoord Foundation
NanoLund was very happy to host a visit by the Board of the Crafoord Foundation on March 14. The Foundation has supported as many as 24 grants to researchers within NanoLund supporting research... Read more »
Prizes for Kimberly Dick Thelander
Professor Kimberly Dick Thelander from the Department of Physics has been awarded the 2018 Edlund Prize and the Lindbomska award from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, for her cutting... Read more »
Workshop on Superresolution Techniques 2018
May 28-29 NanoLund researchers are organizing a Workshop on Superresolution Techniques at AF-borgen, Sandgatan 2 in Lund.  Confirmed invited speakers are: Dr. Francisco Balzarotti,... Read more »
First nanowire long-wavelength infrared photodetector realized
A group of NanoLund researchers recently reported on the first nanowire photodetector sensitive to long-wavelength infrared radiation. The infrared response from 3 to 20 μm is enabled by... Read more »
Conference: Tailored surfaces in operando conditions
June 11-14 2018 are the dates of the Marcus Wallenberg symposium Tailored surfaces in operando conditions. The meeting will take place in Ystad, Sweden, and is devoted to recent... Read more »
Materials for Energy grants
The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has announced their Materials for Energy (EM16) grants. We congratulate NanoLund member Kenneth Wärnmark, who is coordinator for the projects... Read more »
Jesper Wallentin gets Starting Grant Fellowship
Swedish Foundations’ Starting Grant Fellows for 2017 were announced and Jesper Wallentin is one of the three new fellows. The grant is given for  one year at a time and awards the... Read more »

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Diploma presentation Robin Sjökvist
Published 2018-08-09 09:19 by Kimberly Dick Thelander
Master thesis Presentation: Markus Snellman
k-space (Q179), Department of Physics
Published 2018-08-13 16:04 by Line Lundfald
August 28th , 13.15-14.30 Markus Snellman...
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