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NanoLund newsletter December 2016

European Workshop on Label Free Particle Sorting, 5-6 September
European Workshop on Label Free Particle Sorting will take place at Medicon Village in Lund, 5-6 September 2017. The workshop aim to utilise the comprehensive network and solid experience... Read more »
ERC Starting Grant to Peter Jönsson
Peter Jönsson has been granted an ERC Starting Grant of 1.5 M Euro for 5 years. The project named SELFOR explores how an immune response starts at a molecular level, and how our immune... Read more »
Google invests in Glo's microLED technology
Rapidus reports that Google Inc has invested 120 MSEK in Glo in a funding round during the summer. Glo is developing RGB direct-emitting display panels with better contrast and lower power... Read more »
Two new nanolaboratories to be built
Two new nanofabrication facilities are scheduled to be built in Science Village Scandinavia neighboring MaxIV and ESS. One laboratory will be a bigger version of the Lund University run Lund... Read more »
21 million dollar funding for Sol Voltaics
NanoLund spin out Sol Voltaics secured 21 million US dollar in a funding round over the summer. The new finance will be used to accelerate commercialization of its highly anticipated solar... Read more »
Arkady Yartsev appointed Professor
June 8th 2017 the deputy Vice-Chancellor appointed Arkady Yartsev Professor in Chemical Physics with specialization in ultrafast spectroscopy. Read more about Arkady on his homepage. Read more »
Håkan Pettersson on IUPAP Semiconductor Commission
Håkan Pettersson has been elected Sweden's representative in the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Commission on Semiconductors. The Commission on... Read more »
Silver atom nanoclusters could become efficient biosensors
In a new study, Donatas Zigmantas and Erling Thyrhaug from NanoLund, together with researchers from the University of Copenhagen, have studied nanoclusters consisting of 20 silver atoms. For the... Read more »
Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge
Researchers from NanoLund and from Fudan University in China have successfully designed a new structural organization using the promising solar cell material perovskite. The study shows that... Read more »
Nanotubes that build themselves
Researchers involved in NanoLund have succeeded in producing nanotubes from a single building block using so-called molecular self-recognition. The tube can also change shape depending on the... Read more »
Modern alchemy creates luminescent iron molecules
A group of researchers active at NanoLund have made the first iron-based molecule capable of emitting light. This could contribute to the development of affordable and environmentally friendly... Read more »
Cells grow more naturally in “spaghetti”
The usual way of cultivating cells is to use a flat laboratory dish of glass. However, inside a human body, the cells do not grow on a flat surface, but rather in three dimensions. This has lead... Read more »
NanoLund Annual Meeting: 7 September 2017
Please save the date for NanoLunds annual meeting 2017 on Thursday, September 7. We are planning to hold the meeting in Lund, in an all-day format with talks and posters during the day and a... Read more »
Chemist receives prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Professor Kenneth Wärnmark at the Department of Chemistry and active in NanoLund has been awarded the 2017 Edlund Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, for his... Read more »
Parallel Network-based Biocomputation
Today’s computers use vast amounts of electric power – so much so that the inability to cool the processors actually hampers the development of more powerful computers. In addition,... Read more »
Nanowire imaging by super resolution optical microscopy
Researchers of NanoLund, in collaboration with the group of Stefan Hell at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, have published an article in Nano Letters showing... Read more »
Mobile phone microscope for diagnostics
The Swedish Research Council has decided to support a project lead by Jonas Tegenfeldt on diagnosing disease such as sleeping sickness and malaria in remote locations with the help of a... Read more »
Nanotechnology for the Future - Drop-in March 7th
As part of Lund University Science Week, NanoLund will host the event Nanotechnology for the Future. This day we will open up the lab and give guided tours, telling the story of the role... Read more »
Bias affects nanowire photodetector studies
In a February 2017 paper in Nanotechnology NanoLund researchers reports the results of simulations and experiments investigating the effect of the nanowire doping profile on photodetection... Read more »
Research Environment Funding
February 23 the Swedish Research Council announced funding of Research Environments within natural and engineering sciences for the 2016 call. NanoLund researcher Jens Schouenborg was... Read more »

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