Faculty Members


Adam Burke Solid State Physics
Anders Gudmundsson Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
Anders Gustafsson Solid State Physics
Anders Mikkelsen Synchrotron Radiation Research
Andreas Wacker Mathematical Physics
Anneli Löfgren Solid State Physics
Arkady Yartsev Chemical Physics
Carina Fasth Solid State Physics
Christelle Prinz Solid State Physics
Christina Isaxon Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
Claes Thelander Solid State Physics
Dan Hessman Solid State Physics
Donatas Zigmantas Chemical Physics
Edvin Lundgren Synchrotron Radiation Research
Erik Lind Nano Electronics Group
Erik Swietlicki Nuclear Physics
Heiner Linke Solid State Physics
Håkan Pettersson Halmstad University
Ivan Maximov Solid State Physics
Ivan Scheblykin Chemical Physics
Jakob Bengtsson Mathematical Physics
Jakob Löndahl Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
Jens Schouenborg Neuronano Research Center
Jens Uhlig Chemical Physics
Jesper Wallentin Synchrotron Radiation Research
Joakim Pagels Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
Jonas Borell Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
Jonas Johansson Solid State Physics
Jonas Tegenfeldt Solid State Physics
Kenneth Wärnmark Centre for Analysis and Synthesis
Kimberly Thelander Solid State Physics
Knut Deppert Solid State Physics
Lars Samuelson Solid State Physics
Magnus T Borgstrom Solid State Physics
Maria Messing Solid State Physics
Maria Thereza Perez Ophthalmology
Martin Leijnse Solid State Physics
Martin Magnusson Solid State Physics
Mats-Erik Pistol Solid State Physics
Mattias Borg Nano Electronics Group
Merab Kokaia Neurology
Nils Danielsen Neuronano Research Center
Per Fredrik Johansson Functional Zoology
Peter Samuelsson Mathematical Physics
Petter Persson Theoretical Chemistry
Pär Omling Solid State Physics
Rainer Timm Synchrotron Radiation Research
Reine Wallenberg Centre for Analysis and Synthesis
Sara Snogerup Linse Biochemistry and Structural Biology
Stephanie Reimann Mathematical Physics
Thomas Laurell Nano biotechnology and lab-on-a-chip
Tommy Cedervall Biochemistry and Structural Biology
Tommy Nylander Physical Chemistry
Tönu Pullerits Chemical Physics
Ville Maisi Solid State Physics


Affiliated members

Alf Månsson Linnaeus University
Anne L´Huillier Lund University, Atomic Physics
Bengt Sundén Energy Science
Bo Monemar Lund University, Solid State Physics
Celia Cabaleiro-Lago Lund University, Biochemistry and Structural Biology
Charlotta Nilsson Lund University, Nuclear Physics
Elizabeth Blackburn Lund University, Synchrotron Radiation Research
Eva Unger Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin
Fredrik Höök Chalmers University of Technology
Hongqi Xu Peking University
Jan-Eric Ståhl Lund University, Production and Materials Engineering
Jenny Rissler RISE
Joachim Schnadt Lund University, Synchrotron Radiation Research
Jonas Ohlsson Hexagem AB
Kristian Storm Hexagem AB
Lars Montelius Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal
Lars-Anders Hansson Lund University, Aquatic Ecology
Maria Hedmer Region Skåne, Laboratory Medicine and Lund University, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Maria Huffman University of Washington
Mikael Ekvall Lund University, Aquatic Ecology
Monica Kåredal Region Skåne, Laboratory Medicine and Lund University, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Olof Hultin RISE
Oxana Klementieva Lund University, Medical Microspectroscopy
Pablo Villanueva Perez Lund University, Synchrotron Radiation Research
Peter Jönsson Lund University, Physical Chemistry
Peter Schurtenberger Lund University, Physical Chemistry
Stanley Heinze Lund University, Functional Zoology
Stefan Kröll Lund University, Atomic Physics
Sven Lidin Lund University, Centre for Analysis and Synthesis
Volodymyr Bushlya Lund University, Production and Materials Engineering
Åsa Haglund Chalmers University of Technology


Emeritus Members

Jesper Andersen Synchrotron Radiation Research/MAXIV
Mats Bohgard Lund University, Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
Villy Sundström Chemical Physics