Programs & Funding

Research at the NanoLund is supported by a wide range of sources, including funding from Lund University and external sources. A key source of support for the environment as a whole is the Strategic Research Area for nanoscience and nanotechnology awarded by the Swedish government. Similarly, the Linneaus grant Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering from the Swedish Research Council constitutes a basic support for a large part of the environment. Historically, the continuous funding of research centers (1995-2011) from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) has been of critical importance for the development of NanoLund. However, the main funding source for the participating researchers are national and international external grants awarded to individual researchers and research groups.


Image: NanoLund funding. Funding for NanoLund comes from a wide variety of sources. Almost one third of the total funding is rewarded with special focus on the research environment, i.e. the strategic research area, the funding for the NanoQE Linneaus grant and funding from Lund University. The remaining two thirds of the funding are individual grants raised by NanoLund members.

The funding included is weighted according to the researchers' participation in NanoLund. Thus the collective funding of all NanoLund researchers is larger than the budget of NanoLund. The average participation percentage for 2016 was 62%.