Vision & Mission

Our vision:

To be a world-leading research center that uses the unique opportunities offered by nanoscience to advance fundamental science and to address societal grand challenges.

Our mission:

To bring together the most creative scientists, students and industry professionals in an interdisciplinary research environment to do cutting-edge research on the materials science, physics, chemistry and safety of designed functional nanostructures for energy, opto/electronics and life science applications.

Grand challenges

NanoLund aims to use nanoscience and nanotechnology to address societal challenges, such as:

A sustainable society based on renewable energy sources
Paradigms and technologies for efficient energy conversion, for example in solar cells and lighting, and for nanomaterial-based products that are sustainable and safe from a life-cycle perspective.

A pathway to the future information society
New physical concepts, smart materials, nanoscale devices and their heterogeneous integration to enable the internet of things, augmented reality, and quantum technologies.

Personalized medicine
Nano- and microstructures for biomedical research at the single-cell level and for fast point-of-care diagnostics, enabling targeted, individualized therapy.

A Swedish, nanomaterials-based industry
Translating research results into products and helping to  create favorable conditions for a nanomaterials-based industry in Sweden.

Strategic aims

  • To realize, model and characterize nanostructures, devices and systems with atom-level control.
  • To discover fundamental physics, materials science, and paradigms that may lead to future energy and ICT devices with enhanced performance.
  • To develop sensors, probes, stimulators, and single-molecule methods for single- and few-cell biomedicine.
  • To be an international, highly visible nanoscience center that offers exceptional scientific opportunities, training, and career development.
  • To establish an ecosystem that integrates education, research, R&D, and pilot production to take ideas from research to the market place.

NanoLund's role in society

NanoLund aims to contribute to the society at large by:

  • Identifying and developing applications of nanoscience that are beneficial to society;
  • Educating individuals to a high level of technical skill and scientific insight;
  • Informing the public and decision makers about nanoscience;
  • Developing technology and engaging with industry.