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Jesper Wallentin

Position:    Associate Professor

Cell phone:    +46 70 559 3949
Room:    K542
Address:    Professorsgatan 1
22100 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Synchrotron Radiation Research
Research Area(s):    Materials Science
Nanoelectronics- & photonics
Interests:    X-ray analysis of nanostructures



I teach physics 
* FYSA01 General physics at the Faculty of Science:. Responsible for the Quantum physics part of the course.
* Modern X-ray Physics: Diffraction and imaging. Available at the Faculty of Science (FYST51), at LTH, and as a PhD-level course (NFY007F).
If you are interested in a MSc project, don't hesitate to contact me.

Research group

  • Zhaojun Zhang, postdoc
  • Lucas Marcal, postdoc
  • Lert Chayanun, PhD student
  • Susanna Hammarberg, PhD student
  • Hanna Dierks, PhD student


Our research concerns the intersection of nanoscience and X-rays. We use X-rays to investigate nanostructured devices, and we develop nanostructures as X-ray detectors. We have a strong collaboration with the Nanomax beamline at MAX IV, and we also visit other synchrotrons for experiments.

For more information, please see my home page.


For an updated lists of publications, please see Google Scholar.

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