Licentiate seminar - Kushagr Punyani

Wednesday 14 March 2018 10:00 - 12:00
H221 (Physics)
Published 2018-02-19 11:18 by Jonas Tegenfeldt

Licentiate candidate: Kushagr Punyani
Opponent: Dr Håkan Jönsson, KTH
Link to thesis.
Abstract: While centrifugation and membrane filtration are arguably the most common techniques of cell sorting or fractionation in life sciences, they are not suitably customized a variety of biological samples and applications. The current licentiate thesis is concerned with microfluidic label free technologies of particle sorting, designed and applied to specific applications in biology. It aims to develop and adapt particle sorting technologies for enrichment and purification of a variety of cells, facilitating analysis and diagnosis. We suggest and demonstrate the principle and working of a microfluidic sedimentor, fractionating cell samples based on mass density and particle size by exploiting the concept of terminal velocity in a microfluidic channel. Its utility has been demonstrated by separating red blood cells and Trypanosoma parasites, which are responsible for causing the tropical neglected disease of sleeping sickness. Next, the work delves into the technique of Deterministic Lateral Displacement (DLD), applying the method to separate another tropical parasite, causing Leishmaniasis, from red blood cells. Further, the effect of post architecture in DLD has been investigated by altering post shapes, with the aim of determining predictable design principles in DLD devices with L- shaped posts. Finally, we propose sorting of cancer cells encapsulated in microbeads composed of extra-cellular matrix, using DLD, in order to study the interaction of the cells with their microenvironment, and subsequent remodeling of the extra-cellular matrix.