Lund Nano Lab

Lund Nano Lab (LNL), which is part of the Division of Solid State Physics (FTF) and the NanoLund consortium, is a state of the art cleanroom facility run by expert staff. Since April 2016 LNL is a member of Myfab - the Swedish research infrastructure for micro- and nanofabrication. We offer space, equipment and expertise for cutting edge nanofabrication both in fundamental research and device development. We also educate students enrolled at Lund University and participate in outreach activities for society.

Mission and role of LNL

  • Within Myfab: (1) to provide complementary resources in micro- and nanofabrication and characterization, (2) to facilitate links with relevant industry,
  • Within Lund University: (1) to serve as the main nanofabrication center for Lund University researchers, (2) to act as a showcase for multi-disciplinary research in nanotechnology.
  • Within NanoLund: (1) to supply best possible nanofabrication resources for multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research, (2) to facilitate creation of new competence and know-how.

Strategic aims of LNL

  • To provide state-of-the-art resources in nanofabrication for NanoLund researchers.
  • To continue the role of educating students and researchers in the areas of nanofabrication and semiconductor processing techniques.
  • To extend cooperation and interaction within Scandinavia (Myfab, NorFab etc.). To expand cooperation between LNL and MAX IV, ESS and other large laboratories and companies in the region, in Europe and elsewhere.

Structure of LNL

The LNL consists of two main parts: the Nano-process lab on the ground floor and the Nano-epitaxy lab on the second floor with about 340 m2 of ISO 5-7 cleanroom area. The Nano-epitaxy laboratory is connected to the cleanroom part of the older Berzelius lab of about 260 m2. The image above shows the LNL (left) and the building of FTF (right).

The laboratory is available to all NanoLund members, other academic groups, both within Lund University and outside and companies. LNL staff regularly provide cleanroom safety introduction courses and individual hands-on training on lab equipment. The list of available lab equipment including the "tool responsible" persons can be found through LIMS.

Since April 2016 LNL has been a member of Myfab.

Key figures

  • Total cleanroom area: about 600 m2 of ISO 5-8 class
  • Number of active users: 140 - 150 (2013-2016)
  • Installed tools: >80
  • Number of booked tool hours/year: 53000 - 59000 (2013-2016)
  • Companies with own personnel that use LNL: 6 - 8 (2013-2016)


Key features of LNL:

  • Fabrication and analysis of structures on the nanometer-scale
  • Integration between epitaxy and processing
  • Open cleanroom facility for academic research and companies
  • Cleanroom lab for cutting edge nanofabrication
  • Industrial product development and prototype testing

Lund Nano Lab is one of the main resources within NanoLund and provides support to research groups in strategically important areas of research such as:

  • Nanowire growth and material science
  • Fundamental and device physics, electronics and photonics
  • Nano-bio and life science
  • Nanoimprint lithography
  • Growth and physics of new materials
  • Nanowire-based photo-voltaics
  • Processing of nanoelectronic devices and circuits


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Updated: January 7, 2017

3D tour of Lund Nano Lab

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LTH Open Door

Lund Nano Lab is part of LTH’s Open Door project. This provides access to LTH’s state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and networks for start-ups or established companies in Skåne.

Contact Maria Huffman or Ivan Maximov.