Nanotechnology for the Future - Drop-in March 7th

As part of Lund University Science Week, NanoLund will host the event Nanotechnology for the Future. This day we will open up the lab and give guided tours, telling the story of the role that nanotechnology plays in current and future challenges. Come evening time, we welcome you to lectures and debates about nanotechnology in society. Welcome to k-space (Q179) at the Department of Physics, Professorsgatan 1.

About the Science week:

A warmer climate, increasing gaps between rich and poor, environmental damage, shortage of clean water, inequality between men and women … It almost seems as there is no end to the major global challenges we have to tackle. How do we reverse the trend and how can research contribute?

The science week “Is the world becoming a better place?” from 6 to 12 March is organised as part of Lund University’s 350th anniversary celebrations. The week will be inaugurated on Sunday 5 March from 17:00 to 18:30 in the auditorium of the main University building with discussions and choral singing. Read more on: