Nanovation gateway

An overarching goal of NanoLund is to use nanoscience to address society’s grand challenges by bringing together the most creative scientists, students and industry. Therefore, we welcome collaboration with industrial partners and start-up companies, without which many innovative ideas might never be put to practical use.

Nanovation is here to help you get in touch with scientists in various fields of nanotechnology. Please contact us if you are:

  • An established industry seeking research collaboration around a specific problem,
  • A small business seeking to expand into a new technology,
  • A nanotech company looking for new cooperation partners,
  • A public body interested in nanotechnology opportunities, or
  • Simply curious about applied nanotechnology and nanoscience.

We currently collaborate with large and small companies on several levels, ranging from highly integrated research projects to occasional meetings and consulting.

Contact details

Dr. Martin Magnusson
+46 46 222 14 10
Dr. Line Lundfald
+46 46 222 33 88