Nanoscience Colloquia

2018/2019 series

Nanoscience colloquia are on Thursdays at 15:15 (unless otherwise stated) and are preceeded by coffee and cake from 15:00.

The organisers of the 2018/2019 Nanoscience colloquia series are Jonas Johansson and Martin Stankovski.

Engineering Low Defect Density SiOx Interfaces on SiGe

August 30 2018   Prof. Joanna Millunchick Image of Professor Joanna Millunchick
Thu   University of Michigan
k-space   Surface-Mediated Compositional Inhomogeneities in GaAsBi Alloys
    Host: Rainer Timm
September 13 2018   Prof. Stanley Heinze Image of Stanley Heinze
Thu   Lund University
k-space   Neural circuits underlying navigation – linking structure and function in the insect brain
    Host: Anders Mikkelsen
September 20 2018   Prof. Erik Garnett Image of Stanley Heinze
Thu   FOM Institute AMOLF
k-space   What can nano really do for solar?
    Host: Magnus Borgström
November 12 2018   Prof. Anton Zeilinger Image of Professor Anton Zeilinger
Mon   Universität Wien
k-space   Quantum Information and Quantum Communication, Foundations and Prospects
    Host: Heiner Linke
February 21 2019   Prof. Raffaella Calarco Image of Professor Edward S. Boyden
Thu   Paul Drude Institut für Festkörperelektronik
k-space   van der Waals bonded materials: towards heterostructures
    Host: Jonas Johansson
March 27 2019   Prof. Ed Boyden Image of Professor Edward S. Boyden
    Nanotechnology for Mapping, Controlling, and Building Brain Circuits and Other Complex Systems
    Host: Heiner Linke
April 4 2019   Dr Stacia Keller Image of Dr Stacia Keller
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    The “amazing” group-III nitrides – from optical to electronic applications
    Host: Lars Samuelson
April 11 2019   Prof Andy Kummel Image of Andy Kummel
    University of California, San Diego
    Engineering Low Defect Density SiOx Interfaces on SiGe
    Host: Rainer Timm
June 26 2019   Prof Aydogan Ozcan Image of Aydogan Ozcan
    UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles
    Toward a Thinking Microscope: Deep Learning-enabled Computational Microscopy and Sensing
    Host: Jason Beech