Nanoscience Colloquia

2018/2019 series

Nanoscience colloquia are on Thursdays at 15:15 (unless otherwise stated) and are preceeded by coffee and cake from 15:00.

The organisers of the 2018/2019 Nanoscience colloquia series are Jonas Johansson and Martin Stankovski.

August 30 2018   Prof. Joanna Millunchick Image of Professor Joanna Millunchick
Thu   University of Michigan
k-space   Surface-Mediated Compositional Inhomogeneities in GaAsBi Alloys
    Host: Rainer Timm
September 13 2018   Prof. Stanley Heinze Image of Stanley Heinze
Thu   Lund University
k-space   Neural circuits underlying navigation – linking structure and function in the insect brain
    Host: Anders Mikkelsen
September 20 2018   Prof. Erik Garnett Image of Stanley Heinze
Thu   FOM Institute AMOLF
k-space   What can nano really do for solar?
    Host: Magnus Borgström
November 12 2018   Prof. Anton Zeilinger Image of Professor Anton Zeilinger
Mon   Universität Wien
k-space   Quantum Information and Quantum Communication, Foundations and Prospects
    Host: Heiner Linke
February 21 2019   Prof. Raffaella Calarco Image of Professor Edward S. Boyden
Thu   Paul Drude Institut für Festkörperelektronik
k-space   van der Waals bonded materials: towards heterostructures
    Host: Jonas Johansson
March 27 2019   Prof. Ed Boyden Image of Professor Edward S. Boyden
    Nanotechnology for Mapping, Controlling, and Building Brain Circuits and Other Complex Systems
    Host: Heiner Linke
April 4 2019   Dr Stacia Keller Image of Dr Stacia Keller
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    The “amazing” group-III nitrides – from optical to electronic applications
    Host: Lars Samuelson