Nanoscience for Dummies

The seminar series Nanoscience for Dummies provides introductions to various areas of nanoscience on a general level to other scientists within NanoLund, in order to facilitate communication across disciplines. The seminars are open to everyone interested.

The talks are excellent opportunities to learn more about nanoscience outside of your area of expertise and to network within NanoLund.

Nanoscience for Dummies is organized by NanoLunds Nanoeducation coordinators Martin Leijnse and Dan Hessman.


Nov 30 2017   Super-resolution Microscopy in Material Science - Resolving Material Properties at a Nanoscale
Thurs 15:15   Aboma Merdasa
k-space   Lund University & Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
May 17 2017   Neutrons for nano
Thu 10:15   Peter Schurtenberger
k-space   Physical Chemistry, Lund University
Dec 10 2015   Nanoscience at Maxlab for Dummies
Thu 15:15   Gerardina Carbone
k-space   MAX IV
May 21 2015   Nanoscience of Complex Oxides for Dummies
Thu 15:15   Dan Mannix
k-space   Synchrotron Radiation Research, Lund University
March 5 2015   Quantum Information for Dummies
Thu 15:15   Peter Samuelsson
k-space   Mathematical Physics, Lund University
Nov 13th 2014   How nano is revolutionizing transistor technology and boosting computational power
Thu 15:15   Erik Lind
k-space   Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University
April 24 2014   What can micro and nanofluidics do for biology and medicine?
Thu 15:15   Jonas Tegenfeldt
k-space   Solid State Physics, Lund University
    Followed by After Work in k-space
February 10 2014   Nanomaterial-based Batteries for Dummies
Mon 14:15   Prof. Kristina Edström
k-space   Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University
January 16 2014   High Impact Publishing for Dummies
Thu 15:00   Dan Csontos
k-space   Elevate Scientific
December 12 2013   Nanosafety for dummies
Thu 15:15   Jenny Rissler & Christina Isaxon
k-space   Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, Lund University
    Followed by After Work in k-space
November 6 2013   Catalysts for Solar Fuels
Wed 14:15   Prof. Licheng Sun
k-space   Department of Chemistry,KTH
October 10 2012   Lunch Tutorial on Diabetes
Wed 12:15   Lund University Diabeter Center
k-space   2 talks + discussion:
12:15   Basics of Diabetes
    Leif Groop
    Lund University Diabeter Center
13:15   Unmet needs in Diabetes research and management
    Erik Rehnström
    Lund University Diabeter Center
14:00   Discussion: New projects related to Diabetes and Nanotechnology
    Interested participants
September 3 2012   Introdution to nanowires and their applications
Fri 14:30   Lars Samuelson
k-space   Solid State Physics, Lund University
November 7 2011   An introduction to optogenetics
Mon 15:30   Merab Kokaia
    Experimental Epilepsy Group, Lund University
March 25 2010   The Basics of Solar Cells
Thu 12:00   Villy Sundström
k-space   Chemical Physics, Lund University
March 17 2010   Proteins for dummies
Wed 12:30   Sara Linse & Tommy Cedervall
k-space   Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Lund Univesity