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Kick-start your career in interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology

NanoLund always welcomes applications from outstanding candidates for Masters projects, PhD studies or for postdoctoral work. We offer:

  • a creative, world-class interdisciplinary research environment for fundamental and applied nanoscience
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure for the fabrication and characterization of nanostructures
  • a highly regarded scientific education
  • internships in nanotechnology industry
  • intellectual property training
  • a strong international nanoscience network
  • family-friendly living conditions and a high degree of social security
  • a competitive salary and full employment contracts for PhD students and postdocs

Positions with NanoLund research groups (right now: 4)

Synchrotron Radiation Research Postdoc position: Nanostructured X-ray scintillators (PA2018/2468)
Scintillators convert X-ray photons into visible light, and form a critical part of X-ray detectors for clinical and industrial applications. Established bulk scintillators have limited spatial resolution, which limits the resolution in X-ray microscopy. This project will use nanofabrication methods to create novel scintillators that could overcome these limitations. Nanostructuring will be used to confine secondary electrons and photons, with the goal to create X-ray detectors with nanoscale spatial resolution. This project aims to create and study novel scintillators based on nanofabrication techniques. The work to be done will include synthesis, primarily in the Lund Nano Lab, and characterization in the new X-ray lab. The candidate will have significant freedom and is expected to take initiatives and drive the project quite independently. Knowledge and experience of X-ray scintillation is not required; this will form a part of the post-doctoral training as required.
Contact: Jesper Wallentin (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline September 15th)
Application Deadline September 15
Synchrotron Radiation Research PhD position: Nanowire X-ray detectors (PA2018/2467)
This project will study the interaction of X-rays with semiconductor nanowires. In particular, nanowires will be investigated as X-ray detectors. Nanowires have shown surprisingly strong electrical response to excitation by hard X-rays, which makes them very interesting as future high-resolution X-ray detectors. The project aims at reducing the pixel size of X-ray detectors from the current micrometer size to tens of nm.To this end, the project will create single nanowire devices in the Lund Nano Lab, which has world class facilities for nanodevice fabrication. Using electron beam lithography, metal evaporation and other nanofabrication tools, single nanowires will be electrically contacted. The devices will initially be characterized and optimized using electrical and optical methods. Subsequently, the devices will be tested using nanofocused X-ray beams at the Nanomax beamline at the new MAX IV synchrotron, as well as at PETRA-III in Germany, ESRF in France and possibly other international synchrotron facilities.
Contact: Jesper Wallentin (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline September 15th)
Application deadline September 15
Solid State Physics Postdoctoral position: Photonics of semiconductor nanostructures (PA2018/1316)
This position will deal with modeling and/or analytical theory of electro-optical processes in semiconductor nanostructures based on group III-V nanowires. Examples for possible projects include (i) design of nanostructures (including plasmonic structures) for optimal light absorption and emission in a specific area and wave-length range, and (ii) understanding and prediction of electronic processes (carrier energy relaxation, non-equilibrium transport) in nanostructures for light absorption and/or emission in optoelectronic devices. The projects will be carried out in very close collaboration with experimentalists.
Contact: Heiner Linke (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline August 31st)
Application deadline August 31
Solid State Physics Post-doctoral position in nanolithography (PA2018/2502)
The goal of the project is to develop and study advanced lithographic methods, which can combine both nanoimprint (NIL) and block-copolymer (BCP) lithography to be used for a controllable growth of III-V nanowires (NWs) for applications in electronic and optical devices. In particular, studies will be performed using NIL and electron beam patterning to realize directed self-assembly (DSA) for templates for epitaxial growth of NWs with sub-20 nm dimensions. High-resolution pattern transfer, using reactive ion and atomic layer etching, will be developed within the framework of this project.
Contact: Ivan Maximov (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline August 19th)
Application deadline August 19


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