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Kick-start your career in interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology

NanoLund always welcomes applications from outstanding candidates for Masters projects, PhD studies or for postdoctoral work. We offer:

  • a creative, world-class interdisciplinary research environment for fundamental and applied nanoscience
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure for the fabrication and characterization of nanostructures
  • a highly regarded scientific education
  • internships in nanotechnology industry
  • intellectual property training
  • a strong international nanoscience network
  • family-friendly living conditions and a high degree of social security
  • a competitive salary and full employment contracts for PhD students and postdocs

Positions with NanoLund research groups (right now: 3)

Physical Chemsitry Doctoral student in physical chemistry (PA2018/3238)
The core of the PhD project is to combine neutron and X-ray scattering in both the small-angle and wide-angle regime together with novel data analysis tools to obtain new knowledge on the structure of LNP, not possible with present experimental and modeling strategies. The use of computational simulations to infer structural details from multiple sets of experimental data has begun to evolve and the experimental results generated in the project will allow for comprehensive computational analysis. This will establish not only basic understanding of structures but allow for rational design of new delivery vehicles for e.g. RNA with unsurpassed performance.
Contact: Tommy Nylander (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline October 29th)
Application deadline October 29
Solid State Physics Doctoral student in inorganic chemistry (PA2018/3210)
The aim of this PhD project is to study the formation processes of semiconductor nanowires using in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The project will utilize a customized TEM equipped with gas sources suitable for fabrication of semiconductor materials. Real-time analysis will be used to understand the processes governing nucleation, selection of crystal structure, and growth of heterostructure materials. The project will be carried out at the Centre for Analysis and Synthesis (, in collaboration with the Division of Solid State Physics at the Department of Physics.
Contact: Kimberly Dick Thelander (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline October 24th)
Application deadline October 24
Solid State Physics PhD student in physics, within the discipline of solid-state and quantum physics (PA2018/3064)
you will perform experimental work to study superconductor – semiconductor hybrids. These systems host Majorana states that promise virtually decoherence-free and fault-tolerant quantum computation based on topological protection. Thanks to material and experimental advances achieved during the last years, Majorana zero modes are now routinely observed in multiple research laboratories. Your task is to work in an EU-wide QuantERA project that aims to bring research on Majorana modes to the next level in a twofold way. You will have a key role in this project to develop charge detectors for the 2DEG devices, determine parity lifetimes and to fabricate and measure InAs and InSb quantum well devices with epitaxial Al in collaboration with the other project partners and staff at Solid-State Physics division and NanoLund.
Contact: Ville Maisi (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline October 11th)
Application Deadline October 11


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