Career Opportunities

Kick-start your career in interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology

NanoLund always welcomes applications from outstanding candidates for Masters projects, PhD studies or for postdoctoral work. We offer:

  • a creative, world-class interdisciplinary research environment for fundamental and applied nanoscience
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure for the fabrication and characterization of nanostructures
  • a highly regarded scientific education
  • internships in nanotechnology industry
  • intellectual property training
  • a strong international nanoscience network
  • family-friendly living conditions and a high degree of social security
  • a competitive salary and full employment contracts for PhD students and postdocs

Positions with NanoLund research groups (right now: 3)

Solid State Physics Postdoctor in Nanolithography (PA2019/1454)
The goal of the project is to develop and study advanced lithographic methods, which can combine both nanoimprint (NIL) and block-copolymer (BCP) lithography to be used for a controllable growth of III-V nanowires (NWs) for applications in electronic and optical devices. In particular, studies will be performed using NIL and electron beam patterning to realize directed self-assembly (DSA) of BCP for templates for epitaxial growth of NWs with sub-20 nm dimensions. High-resolution pattern transfer, using reactive ion and/or atomic layer etching, will be developed within the framework of this project.
Contact: Ivan Maximov (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline June 16th)
Application deadline June 16
Solid State Physics Head of Lund Nano Lab (PA2019/2072)
The head of laboratory will lead the day-to-day work of Lund Nano Lab, provide strategic planning, be responsible for the safe and efficient operation and supervise technical personnel.
The responsibilities will include:
  • Day-to-day management of the operation of Lund Nano Lab
  • Staff management of the laboratory staff
  • Responsible for implementation of safe working routines and safe operation
  • Financial management of Lund Nano Lab
  • Setting strategic goals in alignment with NanoLund’s strategic plan and in consultation with NanoLund’s leadership and LNL’s reference groups, including planning of the new laboratory at Science Village
  • Planning of upgrades of the lab facilities, including writing grant applications and active participation in fundraising
  • Contact person for Myfab and the Nordic Nanolab Network
  • Customer relations and customer experience: Contacts with external users, as well as new academic users
  • Coordination of training of training and outreach activities in Lund Nano Lab
  • Coordination of media support in all labs at the Division of Solid State Physics, such as process gases, vacuum, de-ionized water, cooling water, compressed air
  • Reporting to the management of the Division of Solid State Physics and NanoLund.
Contact: Dan Hessman (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline June 25th)
Application deadline June 25
Centre for Analysis and Synthesis Doctoral student in organic chemistry (PA2019/2145)
Design, synthesis and characterization of metal complexes based on among other things, N-heterocyclic ligands for applicatiuons in solar cells and artificial photosynthesis.
Contact: Kenneth Wärnmark (
Apply online: full announcement (application deadline July 2nd)
Application deadline July 2


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