The Executive Group

The executive group performs day-to-day management, prepares board meetings, provides long-term planning, represents NanoLund outward, communicates with the University leadership, the External Advisory Council and the international Scientific Advisory Board.

Director: Prof. Heiner Linke
Vice-Director: Prof. Anders Mikkelsen
Co- and Administrative Director: Dr. Anneli Löfgren

Senior Strategic Advisor:  Lars Samuelson

Area coordinators

Area Coordinator Co-coordinator
Materials Science Reine Wallenberg Maria Messing
Quantum Physics Stephanie Reimann Ville Maisi
Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics Mats‐Erik Pistol Erik Lind
Nanoenergy Magnus Borgström Peter Samuelsson
Nanosafety   Anders Gudmundsson
Neuronanoscience & Nanobiology Jonas Tegenfeldt Jens Schouenborg
Lund Nano Lab Maria Huffman Anders Kvennefors
Lund Nano Characterization Labs Tönu Pullerits Christelle Prinz
Education Martin Leijnse Dan Hessman
Exploratory Nanotechnology Ivan Maximov Mattias Borg
PhD student representatives Mattias Åstrand Braulio Antonio Chi
Outreach Maria Messing  
PhD studies Jonas Johansson  
Nanoscience Colloquia Martin Stankovski  

The Board

NanoLund is headed by a Board that has the overall responsibility for the Center, decides on allocation of funds, defines priorities for the research directions budget, strategy, activities and priorities.

Coordinators' Discussion Forum

For preparing the decisions and for information sharing purposes, NanoLund has also formed a Coordinators' Discussion Forum with all area coordinators and co-coordinators, student representatives, the chair of the Board and the executive group. The forum meets regularly and discusses projects and priorities under more informal conditions.

Administration and communication

Administrative Director: Anneli Löfgren
Communication and coordination: Line Lundfald
Economy: Charlotte Solberg