Scientific Advisory Board

The members of the international Scientific Advisory Board are distinguished international researchers, in key areas of nanoscience at the core of NanoLund. They visit the environment about once a year and give advice on strategic research related matters, such as future research directions, but also on matters such as the organization of our research center.

The members of the board are selected based on their scientific excellence and matching of their profiles with the research within NanoLund:

Paul Alivisatos

Berkeley, University of California

(General nanoscience)

Evelyn Hu

Harvard University

(Photonics, electronics, soft-matter, biophysics)

Stephen Goodnick

Arizona State University

(Quantum transport theory, device physics)

Chris Palmstrøm

UC Santa Barbara

(Materials science and spintronics)

Henning Riechert

Paul-Drude-Institut, Berlin

(Materials, electronics, devices)

Friedrich Simmel

Technische Universität München


Ulla Vogel

NRCWE, Copenhagen