Members programs and benefits

In addition to an interdisciplinary research environment, the NanoLund offers to its PhD students and scientists a range of programs in support of their scientific work and career plans:

Project funding. To enable cutting-edge nanoscience, NanoLund financially supports strategically important, and high-risk/high-payoff projects, as well as the development of new infrastructure and characterization techniques. At any one time, we support approximately 50 active projects.
Contact: Heiner Linke.

Seedling projects. Masters students, PhD students and postdocs currently working in a NanoLund research group annually have the opportunity to propose seedling projects.
Contact: Ivan Sheblykin.

New-technique fund. We financially support visits by NanoLund members to other labs to test, evaluate and learn novel characterization techniques.
Contact: LNCL coordinator Rainer Timm.

Research visits or mini-sabbaticals. We encourage international exchange, and offer financial support for visits with leading, international groups in nanoscience, available to both PhD students and senior scientists. Read our policy for support for research visits.
Contact: Anneli Löfgren.

Lund Nano Lab. Our consortium runs and financially subsidizes a clean-room facility for cutting-edge epitaxy and nanofabrication. The lab is accessible also to external users.
Contact: LNL head of laboratory Luke Hankin.

Lund Nano Characterization Labs (LNCL) feature a wide range of advanced characterization techniques available within NanoLund. LNCL organizes training courses for PhD students and helps establish collaborations between NanoLund members.
Contact: LNCL coordinator Rainer Timm.

Topical meetings, workshops and retreats. Within each of our scientific subareas, as well as for NanoLund as a whole, we regularly organize meetings and workshops to coordinate our research priorities, develop new ideas and take advantage of our broad, interdisciplinary research environment. There are also a number of recurring meetings, an overview of which can be found here (members only).
Contact: Research area coordinators, key resource coordinators, and NanoLund director.

Annual Meeting. Every autumn we celebrate our scientific results by arranging a symposium on a specific focus theme, with invited talks by leading scientists, local presentations, and a large poster session on NanoLund research. We are very happy to offer invitations also to friends, collaborators and associated institutions of NanoLund.
Information: Anneli Löfgren.

Our Nanoscience Colloquia feature internationally leading scientists in nanoscience and nanotechnology. 
Organizer for 2019/2020: Christelle Prinz.

In our seminar series Nanoscience for Dummies, local experts give accessible, foundational introductions to their field of expertise – spanning specialized areas in physics, engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine.  Often, we follow up with brainstorms on how other areas of NanoLund can contribute to the field that was presented. 
Contact: Coordinator for Nanoeducation, Martin Leijnse.

Research school. All our PhD students are invited to become members of the Linnaeus graduate school, which offers courses in a broad range of skills, financial support for summer schools and research visits, as well as support for other activities suggested by the students.
Contact: Anneli Löfgren.

Templates. To help our members get started on presentations, posters and invitations we provide templates.
Contact: Line Lundfald.

High-impact publishing. Do you have an important result that you think should be published in one of the top journals in your field?  Free to our members, we offer hands-on help from experienced journal editors with achieving the highest impact and visibility of your work.
Contact: Dan Csontos.

IP development. We offer established pathways for the protection and collection of intellectual property (IP), as well as with the creation of spin-out companies.
Contact: Martin Magnusson.

Images and nano-art. We maintain and grow a bank of images that illustrate our nanoscience in instructive and artful ways. These images are available to our members for the purpose of promoting NanoLund science or, with permission from the copyright holders, for other purposes.
Contact: Line Lundfald.

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