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NanoLund Logotypes

The official NanoLund logotype can be downloaded from the Lund University Image and Media Bank: (https://lu-mediaportal.qbank.se/en/login), log in as an employee, choose the Logotypes tab, write NanoLund in the Search bar and press enter.

The other three NanoLund logotypes can be downloaded by clicking the desired image below.


At the Forefront of Nanoscience

(For scientific presentations)

A Great Place to do Nanoscience

(For outreach, recruitment and internal meetings)

Nanotechnology for the Future

(for scientific presentations with applied theme and for innovation contexts)

NanoLund on one line .eps .eps .eps
CMYK w/ white background
CMYK w/ transparent background
Negative (white letters on transparent background)
Black & White (white letters on black background)
CMYK w/ white background
CMYK w/ transparent background
Negative (white letters on transparent background)
Black & White (white letters on black background)


Lund Nano Lab (LNL) logotype

Large Small
Adobe Illustrator LNL_logo_L.ai LNL_logo_S.ai
For print LNL_logo_L.eps LNL_logo_S.eps
Picture LNL_logo_L.jpg LNL_logo_S.jpg
PDF LNL_logo_L.pdf LNL_logo_S.pdf
Adobe Illustrator (negative) LNL_logo_L_NEG.ai LNL_logo_S_NEG.ai


Word Template

The NanoLund word template can be downloaded from the Lund University Image and Media Bank: (https://lu-mediaportal.qbank.se/en/login). It is in the same folder as the official NanoLund logotype: Log in as an employee with your Lucat username and password, choose the Logotypes tab, write NanoLund in the Search bar and press enter.

Information about fonts

The templates will work properly only if you have the special LU fonts installed. The ones you need will in some cases come with the downloaded folder for a particular template. Another option is to download it from the LU media bank (https://lu-mediaportal.qbank.se). Log-in with your LUCAT username and password. On the top menue choose Templates&Graphics (Mallar&Grafik), then Fonts (Typsnitt) below the search-bar. Click on "Profiltypsnitt" and download the fonts. You may then copy-paste or drag-n-drop into the Font book (Mac) or Font-folder in Control panels (PC).

Poster template

NanoLund provides an InDesign poster template for scientific posters. This PDF shows some of the many possibilities you have to get started on your poster.

The logotype used in the poster template is in the "Links" folder.

About fonts in the poster template:

The fonts used in the poster template are in the ”Document fonts” folder. If you do not already have these fonts installed on your computer you need to install them.
If you are a Mac user you may do so by dragging the font-file to the program Font book.
If you are a PC user you may copy-paste the fonts to the Font-folder in Control panels.

Download the zip-folder with the InDesign poster template and associated files.

Power point template

The NanoLund template for powerpoint presentations with examples of different first slides (identical to the Keynote template).

Download the Powerpoint template version 2019.

Keynote template

The NanoLund template for Keynote presentations with examples of different first slides (identical to the powerpoint template).

Download the keynote template.

Profile images

The below images are profile images that have been created specifically by and for NanoLund for use in context with the NanoLund logotype. All NanoLund staff are encouraged to use these images in all contexts where you present NanoLund results or invite to NanoLund events.

These images are not intended for use by other organisations, unless NanoLund is a co-organizer. In those cases please contact Heiner Linke (heiner.linke@ftf.lu.se) or Line Lundfald (line.lundfald@ftf.lth.se) for permission.

Download high resolution .tif versions of our profile images.

65 MB 75 MB 28 MB 6,5 MB 22 MB


Announcement templates

We also have a number of different InDesign announcemnet templates for various purposes. See the templates as PDF.

To get the zip-folder with the InDesign announcement templates and associated files please contact Line Lundfald (line.lundfald@ftf.lth.se).