The following theses are currently associated with our projects. If you wish to know more, please browse each project area.

  • Nicklas Anttu, Nanophotonics in absorbing III-V nanowire arrays, (2013).
  • Jessica Bolinsson, The Crystal Structure of III-V Semiconductor Nanowires: Growth and Characterization, (2010).
  • Karla Hillerich, Influence of Seed Particle Material, Preparation, and Dynamics on Nanowire Growth(2013).
  • Emelie Hilner, Characterization of Surfaces Relevant to Nanotechnology, dissertation, LU, (2009).
  • Marcus Larsson, Electron Transport in Quantum Dots Defined in Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures, (2011).
  • Benjamin Lopez, Experimental Realization of a Feedback Ratchet and a Method for Single-Molecule Binding Studies, PhD thesis, University of Oregon, (2010).
  • Maria Messing, Engineered Nanoparticles Generation, Characterization and Applications, (2011).
  • Henrik Nilsson, Electron Transport in Nanowire Quantum Devices, (2010).
  • Kristian Storm, Novel Processing and Electrical Characterization of Nanowires, (2013).
  • Jesper Wallentin, Doping of Semiconductor Nanowires, (2012).