Research environment grants hosted by NanoLund

Out of a total of 9 Research Environment Grants within natural and engineering sciences from the Swedish Research Council, two went to NanoLund Researchers and their teams:

  • “Multiscale biomechanics from molecules to cells in cancer” with Jonas Tegenfeldt as the PI and with Chris Madsen (at BioCARE), Pontus Nordenfelt and Vinay S Swaminathan (both at Clinical Sciences) as co-applicants.
  • “Single molecule bioanalytical sensing for precision cancer diagnostics” with Heiner Linke as PI and with Fredrik Höök (at Chalmers, affiliated member), Christelle Prinz and Thoas Fioretis (at BioCARE) as co-applicants.

These are five year grants on the level of 17.5 MSEK each.

Read more on the homepage of the Swedish Research Council.