Sara Linse Awarded 10MDKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Sara Linse has been awarded 10 MDKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for her project entitled "Unravelling the IAPP aggregation mechanism for the design of inhibitors that specifically suppress toxicity and cell death in type 2 diabetes" as part of the Foundation’ Research Leader Programme, which supports ambitious, original research projects and the continuing development of top researchers.

The grants are awarded for research within endocrinology and metabolism, with the overall aim of understanding the human organism and the mechanisms underlying health and disease at the basic and clinical levels.

The grants last 5 years and aim to give the researchers the opportunity to pursue ambitious and relevant projects through a targeted and long-term grant that will ensure focus, continuity and stability in their research.

Read more on the Novo Nordisk Foundation homepage (in English).