Spermosens AB secures funding

Rapidus reports that the recently established Spermosens AB secured 2,5 MSEK in funding from private investors and and 0,3 MSEK from Vinnova.

Spermosens AB led by NanoLund graduate Kushagr Punyani, develops a diagnostic device for male infertility, predicting if the patient’s sperms would bind to and fertilize a healthy female egg, and hence diagnosing the underlying cause of male factor infertility. The funding will be used to determine the optimal fabrication strategy for the diagnostic chips which are the functional component of the diagnostic device, and to develop a scalable first prototype.

The fabrication of the chips is performed in close collaboration with Zimmer and Pecaock Ltd, UK, and the clinical studies will be performed at Reproductive Medicine Centre, Malmö Hospital.