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Christelle Prinz

Position:    Professor

Phone:    +46 46 222 47 96
Cell phone:   
Room:    B103
Address:    Box 118
22100 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Nanosafety
Neuronanoscience & Nanobiology
Interests:    Investigation of the interactions between living cells and nanowires.


Co-coordinator of Lund Nano Characterization Lab within NanoLund


"Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - an introduction" course responsible (FFFA02).

Research: Please go to

I am investigating the interactions between biological cells and nanowires. In particular, I am using nanowires as a tool for cellular mechano-sensing, neural-network-on-a-chip applications and for biomolecule injection applications. I collaborate with researchers in Neurobiology and Medical Science to develop nanowire-based electrodes for neural implants. My work also involves investigating the toxicity of nanowires at the cell level and at the animal level.
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