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Jason Beech


Phone:    21472
Cell phone:    076 174 88 37
Room:    C263b
Address:    Box 118
22100 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Neuronanoscience
Interests:    Microfluidics,micro/nanofabrication,experimental biophysics,optical microscopy.



I have taught the cyclical processes lab (stirling engine and heat pumps) and geometrical optics but most of my teaching is within the experimental biophysics course where i hold basic microscopy, soft lithography and fluidics labs and supervise a project or two each year. I am also involved in mentoring a group of "gymnasie" students within the "högskola nästa" programme.  


The primary focus of my research is microfluidics-based particle separation. This entails designing and building fluidics platforms in PDMS and glass, creating flow using either fine control of pressure or syringe pumps, and also advanced microscopy to visualize and analyze results.
At present (together with diploma student Stefan Holm) i am optimizing a device that separates parasites from human blood based on size. I am also working on devices that separate viable from non-viable cells based on dielectrophoresis. I am in general interested in separating non spherical particles in the micron size range based on their shape, something that is absent from the literature at present, so any of you out their with such particles laying around, let me know.
In our lab we do/can do, fabrication of fluidics devices in PDMS and glass, micro and nanofluidics applications, fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, FRAP, TIRF, optical tweezers.

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