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Kimberly Dick Thelander

Position:    Professor

Cell phone:   
Address:    Box 124
22100 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Centre for Analysis and Synthesis
Research Area(s):    Materials Science
Quantum Physics
Nanoelectronics- & photonics


Open Positions

We are currently searching for several postdoctoral researchers within the research area of in-situ TEM of III-V semiconductor nanowire growth. Please contact me for more information!


See also publication list and research group

Our research focuses on the understanding and controlling the properties of semiconductor nanostructures. We are especially interested in epitaxial growth of III-V nanowires by MOVPE and characterization of their structural and composition by TEM. Our main interest today is in combining these two methods in order to study and understand nanowire growth using in-situ TEM.

Specific research projects:

Fundamental studies of crystal growth by in-situ TEM
We are interested in investigating and understanding the basic processes that occur during nucleation and growth of semiconductor crystals, especially nanowires. This research is conducted using a custom hybrid CVD-TEM, where III-V semiconductor growth is conducted inside a TEM with real-time imaging and analysis.
Active in this project: Daniel Jacobsson, Marcus Tornberg, Carina Babu Maliakkal, Robin Sjökvist, Christopher Rohl Andersen
Primary funding: Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation (Wallenberg Academy Fellowship)

Atomic scale ordering for exotic electronic phases
In this new project we are aiming to use precise control of crystal phase in nanowires to develop crystal phase heterostructures, which will be used to explore exotic electronic and excitonic effects. Our efforts in this area involve developing novel structures using MOCVD, as well as theoretical modeling of nanowire growth to understand the factors determining crystal structure.
Active in this project: Sebastian Lehmann, Heidi Potts, Victor Gomez, Erik Mårtensson
Primary Funding: Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation (Research project - overview in Swedish)

Alternative seed particles
We are interested in developing the growth of III-V nanowires using seed particles other than gold. In particular, we aim to control the properties of the resulting nanowires by rational selection of seed particle material.
Active in this project: Rong Sun, Roberg Hallberg, Erik Mårtensson, Karl Winkler
Primary funding: European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant)

Nanowire-based 3D architectures
We aim to develop complex heterostructure and ternary nanowires with emphasis on antimony-containing materials. In particular we are interested in developing more complex structures in 3D dimensions using these nanowires as building blocks.
Active in the project: Luna Namazi, Hanna Kindlund
Primary funding: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF individual grant), Swedish Research Council (VR Project Grant)


Fundamental materials science components of the following courses:
"Material and polymer technology" KASF05
"Functional Materials" KASF10

Previous teaching:

"Materials analysis at the nanoscale" KASF15
"Nanomaterials - Thermodynamics and Kinetics" FFFN05 
"Crystal growth and semiconductor epitaxy" FAFN15
"Microscopic characterization of materials" KOO065 


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