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Lars Montelius

Position:    Professor

Phone:    27147
Cell phone:    +46705224147
Room:    C265
Address:    Box 118
22100 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Neuronanoscience


Director for the Lund University Materials Initiative
Director Lund University Lighting Initiative,
Director & CEO LUSP: The Lund University & SP Cooperation Initiative
Board Director SwedNanoTech
Chairman for the Swedish Standardization Technical Committee for Nanotechnology SIS/TK 516
Councillor for the Swedish Vacuum Society
Pending President Elect for IUVSTA 
Director Science Link,
Board Director, The Neuronano Research Center,

Previously Director and Chairman for various Interregional Projects such as:
NanoConnect Scandinavia
Øresund Materials Innovation Community


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Lars Montelius is Professor in Solid State Physics & The Nanometer Consortium, Lund University, Sweden. After defending his thesis 1987 at Lund University he spend a Post-doc year at IBM, Yorktown Heights 1988-89 working with Scanning Probe Microscopy. 1989 he was appointed as Head of the Nanometer Laboratory at Lund University. His +25 years of work in nanotechnology has centered around scanning probe microscopy & spectroscopy & luminescence & imaging & manipulation of low-D structures, electron & ion beam and nanoimprint lithography & processing applied to single electron tunneling, quantized conductance and various bio and NEMS-devices.

Montelius and his group has made pioneering and groundbreaking work in the field of nanoimprint lithography. Montelius has been the European champion in this field and he initiated interest for NIL in Europe at large. Montelius coordinated the first European FET-projects within Nanoimprint lithography – NanoTech and Chanil. Montelius work was early on directed towards the development of NIL into an industrial viable process. As the first group Montelius and co-workers developed a 6 inch wafer scale printing system with fast printing cycle and excellent resolution. The three key patents of the group of Montelius, dealt with surface modifications of the stamp using silane chemistry achieving the necessary anti-sticking properties, the system for homogenous heating of a substrate and the system for conformal printing over large areas. These finding (with modifications) have today been established as the standard of modern NIL-systems. The company Obducat, where Montelius is serving as one of the directors of the board, has over the years filed additional patents in the field of NIL.  

The first international workshop on nanoimprint lithography was organized by Montelius and it was held in Lund in 2000. This workshop was the raw model and catalyst for setting up a yearly international conference series on Nanoimprint Lithography and related techniques. Montelius is a standing member of the international planning committee.

His recent research interests are on exploratory nano-technology and its use in nanobiophysics, bringing nanotechnology to the life sciences. Examples of research projects are brain machine interfaces, nanochip protein traffic systems and sensor systems for detection of e.g. single protein binding events. LM has published more than 140 articles, given more than 65 invited talks and has filed 19 patents.

During 2009-2011 he was the director for the Øresund University & Øresund Science Region, a cross-border cooperation between eleven universities, three regional authorities, two countries in the Øresund Region, one of Europes most innovative regions.

LM is also a director and founder of several companies in the nanotechnology area: nQuip AB, Compacta AB, BrainLit AB, Watersprint AB, ENI AB and Obducat AB. Obducat AB acquired early on key patents in the area of NanoImpring Lithography and now commercialize nanoimprint technology originally being developed by the group of LM. Obducat is the European pioneering company within the field of NIL and is today the worldwide premier company in NIL tool fabrication having installed more than 120 such systems worldwide. These systems are used in production of LEDs, displays and sensors as well as in numerous research projects.

Montelius is one of the founding fathers of SwedNanotech, an association in Sweden with an objective to strengthen Swedish nanotechnology. Lately he has put a lot of effort into the innovation system and been engaged as mentor for students to explore ideas of innovation. Presently, he is responsible for a development project with direction towards establish a working model and concept to interface academia and society. Part of this is related to the further establishment of a nano-incubator in Lund. 

He is also the director of Lund Lighting Initiative that is engaged with the innovation space as a consequence of the possibilities that follows by the deployment of Solid State Lighting bringing a possibility to generate intelligent light, i.e. the right light at the right time and at the right place.   

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