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Crispin Hetherington

Position:    Research Engineer

Phone:    046 222 4295
Cell phone:    0721 602806
Room:    O42 Kemicentrum
Address:    Box 124
221 00 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, Department of Chemistry
Research Area(s):    Materials Science
Nanoelectronics- & photonics
Interests:    TEM, atomic structures, SEM

I have been working at Lund's National Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy since 2011. The role includes instructing students in the use of the microscopes and associated equipment, and assisting users. 
From 2016, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has funded my post as part of a research infrastructure called the Atomic Resolution Cluster. ARC operates from Linköping and Lund with the aim of opening up access to advanced EM instrumentation for scientists across Sweden.
My research interests cover the application of electron microscopy to materials problems. In particular I feel it is important to characterise the atomic-level structure of nanomaterials in order to provide a link between growth conditions and physical properties.
The microscopy technique itself may also need to be investigated in order to use it properly. For example, why do images of wurtzite commonly exhibit strong contrast from 0001 planes (spacing approx. 0.6nm) even though the 0001 structure factor has zero amplitude.
Research projects outside the area of nanowires have included investigations into the "white layer" formed during machining of the Inconel nickel-iron based superalloy, and the structure and composition of soot, and of nanostructures formed on the surfaces of burnt biomass.

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