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Adam Burke

Position:    Assistant Professor

Phone:    27930
Cell phone:   
Room:    C364b
Address:    Box 118
SE-221 00 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Quantum Physics
Nanoelectronics- & photonics
Interests:    spin-physics, thermoelectrics, hot carrier electronics, novel device architectures


Open Positions

MSc projects currently available:
- Spin-physics in novel III-V quantum dot devices
Interested students are encouraged to contact Adam directly.


I am an experimental physicist with interests in:
  • Low temperature (mK) quantum transport in nanostructures
  • Novel electronic transport enabled by coupling phonons or photons into nanoscale devices
  • Developing advanced device architectures toward probing specific physical phenomena

My group's current research focus is on spin transport physics in narrow bandgap III-V nanowire quantum dot devices and phonon-mediated transport phenomena.

Burke_MultiWG_FalseColourFig. 1: Four independently addressable wrap-gated segments (orange) along an InAs nanowire (green). Nanowire source/drain and gate electrodes are shown in yellow. Colorized adaptation from Burke et al., NanoLett. 15 2836 (2015).

Burke_Heated_SideGate_FalseColour Fig. 2: Thermoelectric/Hot-carrier multi-gated device prototype. Side-gated (thin yellow electrodes) InAs nanowire (green). Local heaters (red/blue) are electrically insulated from the underlying source/drain electrodes (thick yellow) by a thin high-K layer. Unpublished.


FAFA55 - Kvantfysikaliska koncept [project portion] (HT17, HT19)
FFFN35 - Physics of low-dimensional structures and quantum devices [transport lectures] (HT17, HT19)

HT18: Hiatus (parental leave)
Nanotechnology Cover 5 April 2019

Selected Publications

1) S. Dorsch, B. Dalelkhan, S. Fahlvik and A.M. Burke, Side-gated, enhancement mode, InAs nanowire double quantum dot devices—toward controlling transverse electric fields in spin-transport measurementsNanotechnology 30, 14402 (2019). 
                         Article featured on cover page.             --->

2) M. Josefsson, A. Svilans, A.M. Burke, E.A. Hoffmann, S. Fahlvik, C. Thelander, M.Leijnse and H. Linke, A quantum-dot heat engine operating close to thermodynamic efficiency limits
Nature Nanotechnology 13, 920 (2018). 
Article featured on cover page.

3) A. Svilans, M. Josefsson, A.M. Burke, S. Fahlvik, C. Thelander, H. Linke and M. Leijnse, Thermoelectric characterization of the Kondo resonance in nanowire quantum dots, Physical Review Letters 121, 206801 (2018).

4) I-J. Chen, A. Burke, A. Svilans, H. Linke and C. Thelander, Thermoelectric power factor limit of a 1D nanowire, Physical Review Letters 120, 177703 (2018).

5) S. Limpert, A. Burke, I-J. Chen, N. Anttu, S. Lehmann, S. Fahlvik, S. Bremner, G. Conibeer, C. Thelander, M.-E. Pistol, and H. Linke, Bipolar Photothermoelectric Effect Across Energy Filters in Single Nanowires, Nano Letters 17, 4055 (2017).

6) A. M. Burke, D. J. Carrad, J. G. Gluschke, K. Storm, S. Fahlvik Svensson, H. Linke, L. Samuelsson and A. P. Micolich, InAs Nanowire Transistors with Multiple, Independent Wrap-Gate Segments, Nano Letters 15, 2836 (2015).

Full Publication List

ResearcherID: Q-5122-2017
ORCID: 0000-0001-9345-2812

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