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Fredrik Brange

Position:    PhD student

Phone:    +46 46 222 90 85
Cell phone:    -
Room:    B313
Address:    Professorsgatan 1
SE-223 63 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Mathematical Physics
Research Area(s):    Quantum
Interests:    Quantum Information, Quantum Thermodynamics



I'm a PhD student in the Mesoscopic Physics Group since September 2014. I'm mainly working with quantum entanglement and energy and temperature fluctuations in nanoscale systems.

Ongoing work

  • Photon counting statistics (in collaboration with P. Menczel and C. Flindt at Aalto University)
  • Detecting heat current noise (together with P. Samuelsson in collaboration with B. Karimi and J. P. Pekola at Aalto University)
  • Minimal nonlinear entanglement witness based on current cross correlations

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