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Marcus Tornberg

Position:    PhD Student

Cell phone:    +46 708 16 94 64
Room:    C365D

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Materials Science
Nanoelectronics- & photonics



My research revolves around epitaxial growth and analysis of III/V semiconductor nanowires. Of special interest is the effect of the particles assisting most of the nanowire growths.

- Investigating the growth and particle effects of Au-seeded III-V nanowires by intentionally change their growth directions. Mostly focusing on what is required to keep the liquid particle on the top of the nanowire, studying both the limits of the crystal growth and the droplet dynamics during growth.
- Analysis and characterization are performed through SEM, TEM and EnvironmentalTEM(ETEM) in strive of figuring out why and how nanowires are grown.

In addition, I am involved in some of the testing and calibrating for the ETEM(Hitachi HF3300S at the NCHREM). 


Teaching 2018/2019
FAFA10: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (sv. Kvantfenomen och Nanoteknologi) (also 2015-2018)
- Lab supervisor (Leading group discussions)
- Project supervisor

KASF15: Material Analysis at the Nanoscale (also 2015-2018)
- Demo: Scanning Electron Microscopy 

FAFF25 & FAFA60: Photonics
- Applied Optics (Tillämpad optik) (also 2017/2018)

FAFN15: Crystal Growth and Semiconductor Epitaxy
- Exercise assistant (including assignments)

KASN15: Microscopic Characterization of Materials
- Lecture in Diffraction

Previous Teaching

FAFF25 & FAFA60: Introductory physics labs 2016-2018
- Geometric Optics (sv.Geometrisk Optik) 
- Diffraction and Interference (sv. Böjning och Interferens)

- Experimentell Metodik (Scientific Methodology) 

ORCID: 0000-0002-6285-9932


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