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Victor J. Gomez

Position:    Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Cell phone:   
Room:    C265

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Materials
Interests:    Epitaxy, Nanowires, Nanostructures, Charge transport, Quantum Phenomena



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My scientific interests are focused on the realization of complex nano-structures based on III-As, N, Sb, Bi family of materials for the exploration of new exotic electronic behaviour in semiconductors. In particular I am interested on the exploration of nanowire structures. Their particular morphology together with the side facets with different surface energies make them perfect to engineer structures with a variety of 2D and 3D geometries. They are ideal for answering open questions related to electron bandstructure topology and predicted phases of exciton matter composed of bound electron-hole quasiparticles.

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I have 8 years experience working in a clean room environment (ISOM - UPM, ICS - Cardiff University and Lund NanoLab - Lund University) and on the operation and maintenance of epitaxial reactors (MOVPE, MBE, MO-MBE), as well as laboratory management.
I am a creative, systematic, honest, dynamic and reliable person willing to learn new topics and to be challenged with exciting projects. I would like to point out that I can be matched in any working group.

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