Prof. of Solid State Physics, Head of Dept Univ. of Lund 1965–96, Prof. Emer. 1996–, Dean for Research 1993–96; Chair. Int. Conf. of the Physics of Semiconductors, Stockholm 1986; Chair. Nobel Symposium on Hetrostructures in Semiconductors, Sweden 1996; mem. Programme Cttee for Physics-Math. Swedish Natural Science Research Council 1971–80; mem. Bd Swedish Nat. Cttee for Physics 1971–72, 1981–97; Prof. of Physics, Dir, Univ. of Frankfurt am Main 1973–74; mem. Cttee for Electronics, Swedish Bd for Tech. Devt 1978–80; mem. Bd Swedish-German Research Asscn 1980–2011; mem. Cttee Univ. Frankfurt/Oder (Germany) 1991–93; mem. Cttee for Science and Research, Brandenburg (Germany) 1993–95; Vice-Pres. RIFA (mem. Ericsson Group) 1981–83; Visiting Miller Prof., Univ. of California, Berkeley 1990; Dir Inst. of Semiconductor Physics, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany 1991–93; mem. Bd Einstein Forum, Potsdam, Germany 1993–; mem. Exec. Cttee European Materials Research Soc. 2001–, Pres. 2003–07; Vice-Pres. European Materials Forum 2004–; mem. Int. Prize Cttee Global Energy, Moscow 2002–09; Chair. Scientific Advisory Bd IHP GmbH Frankfurt/Oder 2003–2012; ed. and co-ed. several int. journals; mem. Royal Physiographic Soc. Lund, Royal Swedish Acad. of Eng Sciences, Royal Swedish Acad. of Sciences, Societas Scéntarium Sennica; Fellow, American Physical Soc.

Ehrenurkunde, Potsdam, Germany 2009, Czochralski Award, Washaw 2009

Order of North Star 1969, Bundesverdienstkreuz 1 Klasse 1993, King’s Medal of 8th Dimension with Blue Ribbon, Stockholm 1998

Hon. mem. Roland Eötvös Physical Soc. 1983, Ioffe Inst., St Petersburg, Russia 1998

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