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Yang Chen

Position:    PHD

Phone:    +46462227689
Cell phone:    +46761549034
Room:    Q140B

University:    Lund
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Nanoelectronics-
Interests:    Recently I work on tandem nanowire array solar cell calculation to get highest Shockley-Queisser detailed balance efficiency.


I joint PHD4ENERGY program in 2014 and my supervisor is Mats-Erik Pistol. I am using the Scattering matrix core function with Matlab to calculate nanowire array absorption. I intend to find the optimum geometry for multi-junction nanowire-based solar cells, where the Shockley-Queisser efficiency is maximised. This also involves finding the best materials in the different junctions and is a quite difficult problem due to the large number of parameters involved. In the future, I will work on nanowire LEDs to maximize the light emission in the forward direction. And I will also find out suitable alloy compositions in strained heterostructured core-shell LEDs for emission at the most used R, G, and B colors.

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