NanoLund is headed by a Board. Day-to-day operations are led by a Management Group. In addition each research area, the education activities, and the facilities have dedicated coordinators. Here, we introduce the different bodies and their roles and duties.

The Board

NanoLund is headed by a Board that has the overall responsibility for the Center, decides on allocation of funds, defines priorities for the research directions budget, strategy, activities and priorities.
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Management Group

The management group performs day-to-day management, prepares board meetings, provides long-term planning, represents NanoLund outward, communicates with the University leadership, the international Scientific Advisory Board and the External Advisory Council. Here below you can find contact information to the management group.

Area coordinators

Coordinators’ forum 

For preparing the decisions and for information sharing purposes, NanoLund has also formed a Coordinators’ Forum with all Area coordinators and Co-coordinators, Student representatives, the Chair of the Board and the Executive Group. The forum meets regularly and discusses projects and priorities under more informal conditions.

Lund Nano Lab management

Administration and communication