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Adam Burke

Associate Senior Lecturer

Open Positions

MSc projects currently available:
- Spin-physics in novel III-V quantum dot devices
Interested students are encouraged to contact Adam directly.


I am an experimental physicist with interests in:

  • Low temperature (mK) quantum transport in nanostructures
  • Novel electronic transport enabled by coupling phonons or photons into nanoscale devices
  • Developing advanced device architectures toward probing specific physical phenomena

My group's current research focus is on spin transport physics in narrow bandgap III-V nanowire quantum dot devices and phonon-mediated transport phenomena.

SEM photography of wrap-gated segments on a nanowire

Fig. 1: Four independently addressable wrap-gated segments (orange) along an InAs nanowire (green). Nanowire source/drain and gate electrodes are shown in yellow. Colorized adaptation from Burke et al., NanoLett. 15 2836 (2015).

SEM photography of a thermoelectric device showing a nanowire and the electrical connectors

Fig. 2: Thermoelectric/Hot-carrier multi-gated device prototype. Side-gated (thin yellow electrodes) InAs nanowire (green). Local heaters (red/blue) are electrically insulated from the underlying source/drain electrodes (thick yellow) by a thin high-K layer. Unpublished.



FAFA55 - Kvantfysikaliska koncept [project portion] (HT17, HT19)
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FFFN35 - Physics of low-dimensional structures and quantum devices [transport lectures] (HT17, HT19)
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Portrait of Adam Burke; Photo: Kennet Ruona
E-mail: adam [dot] burke [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se

Associate senior lecturer

Solid State Physics

+46 46 222 79 30


Professorsgatan 1, Lund


Associate senior lecturer



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