New Director of NanoLund coming up

Photo of Anders Mikkelsen looking in to a vacuum chamber.
Anders Mikkelsen is, from January 2021, the new Director of NanoLund. Photo: Lund University

Anders Mikkelsen, professor at Synchrotron Radiation Physics, will be the next Director of NanoLund by the beginning of 2021, when Heiner Linke steps down from this role after eight years of leadership.

The announcement by Viktor Öwall, dean of LTH, was preceded by a process that started before summer. The Board of NanoLund appointed a nomination group of scientists and students, led by Kimberly Dick Thelander, to extensively consult with NanoLund members and students, for the nomination of a new Director. Their nominee was unanimously approved by the Board of NanoLund, as well as by the deans of the Faculties of Engineering, Science and Medicine.

– We are very happy that Anders Mikkelsen from Synchrotron Radiation Physics has agreed to take over the leadership of NanoLund from 1 January 2021, says Heiner Linke.

Anders Mikkelsen has been the Vice director of NanoLund since 2019, and Co-director 2015–2019. He is thus well familiar with the environment, and brings with him deep insight into the strategic possibilities offered by closer interactions with MAX IV in Science Village.

Heiner Linke himself is appointed to be the new deputy dean of LTH (Faculty of Engineering), where he will take responsibility for research and Science Village.

Anneli Löfgren will continue in her role as Co-director and in coordinating the construction of the new NanoLab Science Village. The nomination group will also propose an additional candidate as a Vice-director later this year, as well as possibly a second Co-director.