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Recap from the Annual Meeting 2022

Photo of people in a room with flowers, diplomas and prizes.
Last but not least, the NanoLund director Anders Mikkelsen acclaimed program chairs Maria Messing and Mattias Borg, and the coordinator Mirja Carlsson Möller. Photo: Ivan Scheblykin

An entire day full of scientific talks, poster mingling, and plenty of opportunities to discuss all varieties of playing with the energies inside materials. The NanoLund Annual Meeting was held, dinner was enjoyed – and several prizes were given to the awardees.

Once a year, NanoLundians meet in Lund for an annual meeting. This year’s theme was “Materials – building the world” and the exciting program was put together by Maria Messing and Mattias Borg at NanoLund. Together with chairs Kimberly Thelander, Martin Leijnse, and Sara Blomberg they guided us all through the topics: Organic and earth-abundant materials, Quantum Materials, and Synthesis and Integration. Also, we had the pleasure to listen to several pitches of the posters.

After dinner, it was time for the much-awaited award ceremony. 

Excellent Support Awards

The purpose of this award is to emphasize the critical importance of the work done by NanoLund administrative and technical personnel, without which none of our research and teaching would be possible. We, therefore, wish to highlight and reward some of the great achievements and excellent work in this area.

Awardees: Patrik Wirgin, finance officer, and Sungyoun Ju, research engineer.

Photo of two people carrying flowers and diplomas.
Linnéa Jönsson and David Alcer were awarded the Young Teacher Award. Photo: Evelina Lindén

Young Teacher Awards

The efforts of junior staff like PhD students, but also postdocs and other young researchers are often crucial for the courses we teach and help form the impression undergraduate students have of our research environment. Therefore, the “Early-Stage Researcher Awards for Outstanding Performance in Teaching” are given to highlight and reward some of the many great teachers among our staff. The purpose of this award is also to emphasize the importance of the teaching efforts done by NanoLund researchers.

Awardees: Linnéa Jönsson and David Alcer, PhD students at Solid State Physics.

Seedling projects – Junior Scientist Ideas Awards

Selection for this award is based on the originality, quality and impact of the project as judged across all research areas of NanoLund. Projects for this award are selected among high-quality proposals for novel research projects that can be submitted by all the PhD students and PostDocs at NanoLund. 

Mikelis Marnauza and Robin Sjökvist, Centre for Analysis and Synthesis: “In-situ growth of GaSb nanowires”
Dr. Ruben Seoane Souto, Solid State Physics: “Andreev bound states in the continuum”
Dr. Tania Lima, Biochemistry and Structural Biology: “The role of nanoparticle size in Dectin-1 protein activation: a nano-approach to control host deleterious inflammation”
Linnéa Jönsson, Solid State Physics, and Linnea Lindh, Chemical Physics: “Tailored Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for improved solar cell electron extraction”

Photo of a happy man recieving a diploma surrounded by other people.
One of the poster awardees was Morten Ib Kjӕrgaard Munk from Mathematical Physics. Photo: Evelina Lindén

Poster awards

Life Science & Nano

Jennifer Gilbert, Division of Physical Chemistry: “Lipid nanoparticles using cationic ionisable lipids: Effect of cargo on structure”

Quantum Physics and Photons

Morten Ib Kjӕrgaard Munk, Mathematical Physics: “Coherence improvements in a double quantum dot with a third-order sweet spot”

Materials & Manufacturing and Semiconductor Technology

Yen-Po Liu, Synchrotron radiation research: “Combined light excitation and scanning gate microscopy on heterojunction nanowire device”

Special unicorn prize

Simon Wozny, Solid State Physics: “Transport in Quantum Dots: Current, Noise and Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations”

Photo of a man standing in front of a screen.
Martin Leijnse was chair of the section “Quantum materials”. Photo: Ivan Scheblykin
Photo of a man presenting in front of a screen.
Rubén Seoane Souto talking about “Super-Semi-Ferro: a new platform for quantum technologies”. Photo: Ivan Scheblykin
Photo of a woman talking in front of a screen.
Jenny Rissler giving the talk “Sustainable and safe – from research to waste”. Photo: Ivan Scheblykin
Photo of a theatre with red chairs and lots of people.
Kimberly Dick Thelander introducing Martin Hjort from Chemical Biology and Therapeutics: “Lithography-free conductive polymer nanowires”. Photo: Evelina Lindén
Photo of diplomas in a box.
Awarding young teachers, junior scientists, posters and administrative support is an important part of celebrating the NanoLund Annual Meeting.
Photos of a woman and a man in front of a scientific poster.
Stephanie Matern and Ville Maisi enjoying the poster mingling. Photo: Evelina Lindén
Photo of a man wearing unicorn hat.
Simon Wozny from Solid State Physics was awarded the newly established Special Unicorn Prize.