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Björn Annby-Andersson

Doctoral student

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A General Formalism for Continuous Feedback Control in Quantum Systems


  • Björn Annby-Andersson

Summary, in English

This thesis devolops a general formalism for continuous feedback control in quantum systems. The main result is a quantum Fokker-Planck master equation describing the joint dynamics of a quantum system and a detector with finite bandwidth. For a fast detector, this equation can be reduced to a Markovian master equation for the system dynamics. In particular, the formalism is amenable to analytical treatments of feedback protocols that depend nonlinearly on the measured signal. Previously, only numerical methods were available for this. We apply the formalism on two toy models to highlight its usefuleness. We find that the formalism provides insight into the connection between thermodynamics and information theory.


  • Mathematical Physics
  • NanoLund: Center for Nanoscience

Publishing year




Document type

Licentiate thesis


Lund University


  • Other Physics Topics
  • Control Engineering


  • quantum measurements, quantum control, stochastic thermodynamics, information thermodynamics, full count- ing statistics, open quantum systems
  • Quantum measurements
  • Quantum control
  • Stochastic thermodynamics
  • Information thermodynamics
  • Full counting statistics
  • Open quantum systems




  • Peter Samuelsson
  • Patrick Potts
  • Ville Maisi


  • ISBN: 978-91-8039-372-0
  • ISBN: 978-91-8039-371-3